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  • So, what is Super Gloss?

    Like tinted moisturizer for your hair, Super Gloss is a shade-shifting tint designed to enhance your current hair color and add showstopping shine. Sound good?

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  • GlaziPlex Explained

    Real repair, unreal shine. Discover 4-IN-1 damage repair and get to know our NEW clinically proven, gloss-giving hair hero.

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So, what is Super Gloss?

Okay, imagine a tinted moisturizer for your hair. A color-depositing mask that makes your color bright and vibrant, but it’s semi-permanent, and makes everything look glossy, healthy and glowing. That’s a hair gloss – and Super Gloss just so happens to be an extra special one, because we’re vegan, cruelty free AND have a unique, only-for-us formula.

Ok.. and what makes it so special?

Enriched with Babassu Oil, Vitamin E and our KINDColor™ and GlaziPlex™ complexes, Super Gloss is packed full of glossifying agents and color-enhancing ingredients to make your hair vibrantly glossy and rich with shine. Plus, no silicones, PPD, ammonia or parabens. It’s kind to your hair, and gives a salon-like finish, right from your shower.

But will it work for my hair?

Super Gloss is perfect for both virgin and color-treated hair. In fact, your colorist will love us – Super Gloss will keep your shade fresher and more vibrant for longer, while caring for your hair and improving shine, manageability and all-important gloss levels. We’ve got 10 color shades, plus 3 hues for highlights and 1 universal transparent Sheer Glow.

How do I use it?

After shampoo, simply smooth through clean damp hair, wait 10 minutes and rinse. Super Gloss is gentle on your hair and won’t ever cause damage so you can use it as often as you like for a kick of vibrant color and shine that lasts up to 10 washes.

Hot tips for Super Glossin’

  1. Shade-match, please. If you’re using a color shade, match to the lightest tones in your hair, and be careful if you have bleached or lightened hair that you’ve now dyed over with a darker color. Super Gloss can interact with the lightened hair under the darker dye, so reach out to us if you need help, or just use Sheer Glow. Don’t forget we have our Shade Selector Quiz to help.
  2. You better work. Just kidding. Super Gloss only takes 10 minutes and you can chill while it does its thing. If you’re using Sheer Glow, feel free to sleep in it, leave it overnight, hit the gym – that baby can stay in as long as you like. 
  3. Let’s keep it clean. We don’t recommend trying to dye your hair with Super Gloss. It’s a gloss treatment after all, not a permanent dye, and it’s not designed to change your color. So, if you’re blonde or have highlights, steer clear of shades designed for brunettes, redheads or black hair. If in doubt, reach out.