Why You Need Babylights for a Natural, Sun-Kissed Look

It seems as though there are new hair color ideas coming out and back into fashion every month. The latest hair color trend to take off is babylights, sometimes also known as playground highlights. This versatile hair color technique is perfect if you’re looking to brighten up your look for summer with a natural-looking sun-kissed glow.

What are babylights?

Babylights are delicate white-blonde highlights that are finely woven throughout the hair. It’s a vintage hair color technique that has recently become popular once again, thanks to its natural effect. Because such fine pieces of hair are highlighted, with just a few strands captured at a time, it doesn’t look as though highlights have been applied at all; instead, the lighter pieces seamlessly blend into the hair. The result is hair that looks like it has been naturally lightened by the sun.

What’s the difference between babylights, balayage, highlights, and lowlights?

Babylights and balayage are both types of highlights. They’re both applied with a different technique – babylights use foils and balayage is painted on and processed without foils. Balayage will have thicker highlights than babylights, although they will be blended for a soft, natural look. However, there will still be more intense pops of color when compared to the delicate, finely-woven babylights.

Whilst babylights are comprised of white-blonde highlights, lowlights will add darker pieces to the hair. They’re used to add dimension and warmth to lighter hair, and often provide a contrast to lighter tones. Babylights will instead lighten the overall tone of the hair.

What are the benefits of babylights?

Babylights are great for those looking for a new hair color but don’t want to make a big, drastic change. Babylights will subtly lift your hair color, helping it to look shiny and healthy.

Babylights work particularly well on fine, straight hair, where the delicate highlights won’t look too intense or get lost in texture or curls. However, they are versatile and can be applied to any hair type of any color. Your stylist will be able to find the right shades and application to suit your skin tone to bring out the best results. Whilst babylights are typically most popular with blondes, those with brunette hair can find they can also benefit, by lifting dark shades to a medium brown.

Babylights can also be used for those looking to transition from a more dramatic hair color style, such as ombre. Babylights can help to blend colors together and soften any harsh lines, so you can work towards an all-over color in a more natural way.

Babylights are also perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance hair color. Because the color is finer, it will become softer as it grows out, and there won’t be a heavy line at the roots when the natural color comes back through. The dying process will also cause less damage to the hair. This is because lightening the finer sections takes less time and so the lightener can be removed from the hair quicker.

What are the downsides to babylights?

The one downside to babylights is that it can be very time-consuming. Because the hair is divided into such fine sections and applying color to small portions at a time, it can take a long time to complete. This can also mean that getting babylights will be more expensive than other hair color techniques. In our opinion, it’s well worth it for that natural, sun-kissed finish!

How do I care for babylights?

You should care for your babylights in the same way you would any highlighting. Use a color-protect shampoo and conditioner that will prevent the color from fading. You should also avoid washing your hair too often, as this will keep the color in the best condition. You should also use a hair gloss treatment to keep dyed hair healthy and glossy. Our Clear Glaze Super Gloss is perfect for hair with multidimensional color, leaving a mirror glaze shine and extraordinary softness. You can leave this mask on for 10 minutes for a deep conditioning treatment or use in place of your usual conditioner. With no parabens, silicones, sulfates or ammonia, it’s gentle enough to use every week!