What Color Covers Orange Hair Easily?

We’ve all been there. Stuck with a hair color we cannot stand. Whether you’ve done an at home dye job that’s gone wrong, or your once perfectly platinum locks now look brassy, being stuck with orange hair that you don’t like can be really stressful. Before you reach for the box dye or buzz it off, grab a hat and let us take you through the options you have. Banish the orange and have your tresses beautiful in no time.

Is your hair blonde but has an orange tinge?

You’ll be glad to know this is a super easy fix! As a blonde babe you may have had your hair toned at the salon by your colorist. Toners deposit color and are not permanent. This means they can wear off and this is where the brassy or orange hue of your hair may be coming from. Alternatively, dyed blond hair is incredibly porous. This means your hair strands act like a sponge, soaking up everything from pollution and products to even the minerals in the water you use to shower or bathe. Again, this can result in an orange or yellow tinge to your blonde.

If you’re between salon visits but want to banish the orange or brassy tones, we recommend using the glaze Super Gloss in Pearl Blonde. Our semi-permanent hair color can be used on natural or treated hair to boost your blonde. The product is purple (similar to a purple shampoo) which neutralizes the brassy tones you’re experiencing. There’s no need to mix up a toner or damage your hair. Simply apply using gloves and leave for 10 minutes – you’ll have nourished and toned blonde locks in no time! Not only this, but your hair will be super soft and shiny, people will ask if you’ve been to the salon.

Is your hair orange due to a failed bleaching attempt?

You are not the first or the last person to have a blonde ambition, only for the bleaching process to let you down. Bleaching should only be carried out by a professional for the best result, and even the most experienced colorists will let you know that achieving blonde hair isn’t always possible with one appointment.

If you’ve attempted to go blonde at home but have been left with canary yellow roots and orange mids and ends, we suggest booking an appointment with a salon. You may be tempted to try a toner or purple shampoo at home. Whilst ash toners or blue based products are great for hair that has already lifted to a pale yellow or beyond, applying them over your current hair is only going to result in white roots and a weird brown-gray mess through the lengths.

Honestly, applying further products or – gasp – bleaching again is only going to damage your hair. You’ve seen the ramen noodle bleach fail videos online, right? Avoid your hair snapping and visit a stylist for a color correction.

Can I just dye over my orange hair with a box dye?

Going darker is always a failsafe if you have, for whatever reason, acquired orange hair. Before you run to your local beauty supply store for something to cover up your tresses, it is worth remembering that box dyes can be extremely damaging.  Furthermore, should you want to change up your look in the future, box dyes can be a pain to remove. So, whilst a box dye may seem like the perfect short-term solution to your orange hair woes, getting an expert to help is beneficial long term.

How can I care for my hair once I have banished the orange?

Once you have achieved a hair color you’re happy with and the orange has been eliminated, your hair may need extra TLC. Conditioning treatments and hair masks can help restore your hair to its former glory. However, if you want to add some serious vitality to your locks then a glaze Super Gloss is the way to go. Available in 10 shades, Super Gloss is a vegan, no-mess, nourishing semi-permanent hair color that boosts shine. Team with the glaze Super Microfiber Towel to help avoid damage and frizz for a serious happy hair combo. You’ll soon forget all about the orange…