Top 5 Hair Colors to Make an Impact in 2022

2021 saw us experimenting with hair color, with vibrant reds, bright highlights and dark and light split dyes all dominating the hair trends. But what will the next year hold for our hair color? Will the 2022 hair trends see more experimentation with color, or a return to natural tones?

Here are the 5 hair colors we expect to make an impact in 2022.

Strawberry hair

If you can’t decide whether blondes or redheads have more fun, strawberry hair is the shade for you. It’s an underrated tone that we can see really blowing up in 2022, with celebrities like Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and Blake Lively all already rocking the color.

The beauty of strawberry hair is that its versatile. It suits all types of hair and all skin tones – just choose a shade that compliments you. With strawberry hair, you can choose the intensity of the color – go for a subtle shade of soft peach or ramp it up with a vibrant golden red.  

Buttery platinum

We’ve already seen superstars Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus flaunting this hair color and it’s set to really take off in the new year. Instead of the cool-toned, almost silver platinum we’ve seen previously, buttery blonde is a warmer and more natural-looking shade.

With buttery platinum hair, you could almost fool people into thinking you’re a natural blonde, thanks to the range of tones that create an organic look - from creamy blonde to golden browns. We’ve also seen that previously dark-haired celebrities have been able to take on this color with ease, so everyone can join in the trend, no matter your natural color. If you’re already blonde, our Beach Blonde Super Gloss can help to maintain your locks and keep them buttery gold.

Chocolate brown

2022 isn’t all about the blonde shades. This year we’re going to see people embracing their natural tones with rich chocolate hues. This laid-back color is a contrast to some of the more high maintenance shades we’ve seen trending, but still brings depth and movement. It’s ideal for those wanting a more organic look, whilst still looking and feeling luxurious.

The chocolate brown trend is all about warm tones, so if you want to add some light, go for some subtle golden brown highlights. Brunettes can enhance their natural tone and get on the chocolate brown trend with our Chocolate Gleam Super Gloss, to add shine and depth.

Warm auburn

If standard brunette just isn’t spicy enough for you, auburn tones will also be making an impact in 2022. Adding copper or cherry tones to brown hair is an easy way of including some vibrancy in your look but still keeping things low maintenance. We’ve seen Zendaya and Zoey Dutch both rock this look, and it’s a shade that really can suit every skin tone thanks to its adaptability. Simply go more red or more brown to find what suits you, experimenting with highlights and lowlights for added dimension.

Our Glacé Cherry Super Gloss gives a beautiful subtle cherry tone to redheads and brunettes, helping you to get that desired auburn warmth. Plus, the deep conditioning treatment in our gloss always gives a mirror glaze shine and amazing softness.

Acid neon

For those wanting to push the boundaries with their hair color, neon will be huge in 2022. Think peekaboo color with flashes of acid green, or dip dye with electric yellow, perfect for the summer time and festival season.

Neon colors bring a bright and bold look and will need regular maintenance to keep the vibrancy at its best. But you can really choose the look you want, whether you go for a full coverage of a bold hue or a money piece. For the ravers, look for semi-permanent UV hair dye which will glow under blacklight.