The Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Hair Trends You Need to Try

You’ve probably already swapped out your winter wardrobe for your summer clothes – and that means it might be time to change up your hair color too. There are plenty of options for on-trend summer colors if you’re looking for something new to try, whether you want to go blonde, brunette, red, or something more funky.


If you need some inspiration, below are our favorite spring/summer 2022 fashion hair colors.

Beach blonde

Perhaps not the most ground-breaking shade for summer, but still a classic, beach blonde embraces golden tones for a natural, sun-kissed look. It’s perfect if you want to go blonde but don’t like the icy coolness of platinum. With the yellow undertones, this works great with warmer skin tones.

Beach blonde hair will still require regular maintenance in the same way as platinum blonde. We recommend using our Beach Blonde hair gloss treatment in between coloring to keep the shade looking bold and fresh. Our Super Gloss will not only act as a color-depositing mask that neutralizes brassiness, but it will also nourish your hair back to health so it’s sleek, shiny and ready for the beach.

Glossy raven

It might not be the first shade you think of for a summer hair color, but glossy black can be super striking in the warmer months. Black will reflect light, helping your hair to look healthy and shiny – and when the sun shines in the summer, your raven locks will never look glossier. It’s a dramatic and classic shade that suits most skin tones and works with nearly every style, from a volumized blowout to a sleek French bob.

Black hair is fairly low maintenance, but you should still use color-protecting products to keep the color vibrant and reduce fading. To keep your hair looking glossy and bright, you should also use a black hair glaze in between salon visits. Our Super Gloss in Lustrous Ebony is a semi-permanent hair color that also deeply conditions for a mirror glaze shine and locked-in color intensity.

Hazelnut highlights

Add a touch of summer to brunette hair with golden, hazelnut highlights. These will add depth and dimension, warming up brunette hair for the sunnier months. Your colorist should start with a medium-brown base and then add golden and hazelnut highlights to catch the sun. This color works great with lots of layers to add movement and texture.

Highlights will require much less upkeep, perhaps only needing a retouch every few months. You should still take care of your hair in between salon visits with a hair gloss at home. Our Sheer Glow Super Gloss is perfect for multi-dimensional color, adding vibrancy, shine and softness to your hair.  

Deep red

Usually associated with fall hair, this summer we’re already seeing deep spicy reds becoming popular. Sophie Turner is the latest celebrity to rock this sultry look with a rich cherry red shade. You can pick how red you want to go with this look, moving from dark cherry all the way to lighter auburn to find the perfect red shade for your skin tone and look.

The beauty of deep red hair is that it’s fairly low maintenance, but you could find the color vibrancy fades over time. In between salon visits, use a red hair glaze to keep your hair looking fresh and bright. Our Super Gloss in Glacé Cherry acts as a tinted moisturizer for your hair, depositing a touch of color whilst also nourishing hair for extraordinary softness.

Pastel peach

If you’re looking for a hair color that’s a little bit different, pastel peach is the new hair color trend for the summer. We’ve seen everyone from Lil Kim to Ashley Tisdale try out this shade. It’s a fun new take on the classic pastel pink, blending with neutral orange hues to create a soft and subtle color. You can also play with the intensity of your color, adding just a hint to blonde hair or going for a bolder neon shade.

As a neutral shade, peach works great with most skin tones, but you can work with your colorist to find exactly the right hue for you. Unless you already have blonde hair, you’ll have to lighten your locks to get the best look. Keep your hair glossy and healthy even after bleaching with a shiny hair treatment

Bold color blocking

Color blocking might just be our favorite hair color trend for 2022. To get this look, you’ll take a section or multiple sections of your hair and dye it in a contrasting color to the rest. So, you could have an icy platinum blonde money piece against dark hair. Or you could have more of a checkerboard pattern, contrasting sections of bright yellow with fiery orange. This trend really creates an opportunity to get creative!

Depending on which shades you choose, color blocking will usually require some maintenance. For the full effect, you’ll want to keep on top of your roots and prevent your natural color from coming through. With regular dying, you’ll also need to keep your hair healthy with a hair gloss. Our Sheer Glow Super Gloss is ideal for keeping your hair healthy when you’ve got multiple colors on the go.