The Most On-Trend Brown Hair Color Ideas to Update Your Look

If you’re looking to switch up your hair color, you should never disregard brown hair. Often overlooked for blonde or red hair color shades, brunette is a truly versatile color and brings so much choice.

With brunette hair, you can add in blonde or red shades depending on the look you want and can adjust nearly any brunette shade to suit your skin tone. Whether you want to go dark and dramatic or keep it light and bright, brunette hair has a variety of flattering shades that can be adapted for what you need.

When you’re dying your hair, a brown hair glaze is a must to keep your color vibrant in between salon visits. Darker shades will reflect the light, keeping your hair shiny and looking its best. But dying hair can also cause damage if we don’t look after our locks. With a regular hair glaze, we can boost the color and nourish our hair, leaving it with a mirror-glaze shine.

If you’ve decided that, actually, brunettes have more fun, read on for our favorite brown hair color ideas.

Deep wood brown hair

Wood brown hair is a shade that we love. It’s perfect for those with cooler undertones in their skin, and naturally dark hair. Wood brown incorporates ashy brown highlights with a deep, rich brunette base to create a multidimensional color. It’s wonderfully striking for the winter and the darker shades help to reflect the light for a sleek and shiny finish.

Caramel brown hair

Caramel brown hair is a gorgeous way of lifting brunette hair, adding warm golden and caramel tones to a brunette base. Caramel brown hair will usually suit those with warmer undertones in their skin, perfectly complementing the warm caramel shades. Caramel brown hair can be a fabulous option for those with lighter hair who want to go darker without making a drastic change. 

Mahogany brown hair

Mahogany brown hair incorporates brunette shades with red tones to create a gorgeous color that works great on those with warmer skin tones. However, those with cool-toned skin can also rock mahogany hair, just by adding in some more violet hues. Mahogany brown hair is fantastic for those who want to add a little something extra to brunette hair without veering too far into fantasy colors.

Cinnamon brown hair

Cinnamon brown hair is mahogany’s lighter, brighter sister. Cinnamon brown mixes orange tones with brown to create a super flattering shade, especially for those with fairer skin tones. Deeper skin tones can still look great with cinnamon brown hair, just by opting for a deeper shade. Cinnamon brown hair will make green eyes really pop but will look just as stunning with green eye makeup.

Subtle chocolate ombré hair

Chocolate ombré is perfect for getting on the ombré trend without diverting from your brunette love. Chocolate brown hair is a rich, warm color. Combine this with ombré by incorporating deep cocoa brown at the roots and moving towards a creamy milk chocolate at the ends. This shade can suit all skin tones, just by adding in cooler or warmer tones as needed. Chocolate ombré hair can also be fairly low maintenance for those that have naturally darker hair, as the regrowth will blend in with the darker shades at the roots.

Dirty brunette hair

Dirty brunette is the darker counterpart to dirty blonde. Where dirty blonde mixes medium blonde shades with super light browns, dirty brunette combines light brown with darker blonde highlights. It aims to create a natural-looking shade that has dimension, depth, and shine. It can be a more low-maintenance way of adding blonde to your brunette locks, as the shade is designed to allow some regrowth to blend in with the various shades.

Espresso brown hair

Espresso brown is a simple but elegant shade. It fully embraces the brunette shade, avoiding any blonde highlights or hues. Espresso brown hair is a deep, rich color that might look almost black in certain lights. It’s a neutral shade that incorporates just the subtlest shades of smoky ash brown. It can suit all skin tones, just by adding in more warm or cool tones, depending on your skin undertones.

Brown hair with chunky highlights

If you’re naturally brunette and you want to add some color without committing to an all-over dye, chunky highlights are the way to go. Completely on-trend, face-framing chunky highlights are super flattering, bringing light to the face to amplify the features. When it comes to color, you have free reign – go for icy platinum blonde highlights to contrast against your dark hair or go for a more subtle dirty blonde. For a real statement, go for a fantasy color, like neon pink or pastel lavender.