The Hot New Hair Color Trends for 2023

New year, new you, right? Well, what better way to celebrate the start of 2023 than with a gorgeous new hair color. We’ve found some of our favorite new hair color trends for 2023 to give you some inspiration to switch up your shade. 

Whichever shade you go for, keep your color vibrant and your hair shiny with a hair gloss. Glaze Super Conditioning Gloss nourishes your hair, acting as a color depositing hair mask to boost the vibrancy of your shade. With Babassu Oil and no ammonia, parabens, sulfates or alcohol, your hair will be left looking super healthy with a mirror glaze shine.

Chocolate cherry

One hot hair color trend for 2023 will see brunettes moving towards cooler, darker red and violet tones, with chocolate cherry hair. It’s great for brunettes who want to experiment with red shades without dealing with the maintenance of bleaching. The red and violet tones add depth and shine to the hair, whilst keeping the dark, dramatic brunette shades.

Pearl blonde

Pearl blonde hair sees a shift from the low-maintenance blonde shades we’ve seen over the past few years. Pearl blonde incorporates shimmery, silvery hues for a soft, glamorous shade.

You can achieve this hot 2023 hair trend with less upkeep if you like – just go for darker blonde roots which seamlessly blend into pearlescent blonde towards the mid-lengths and ends. Bleaching your hair will always take a toll on your locks, but you can keep your blonde hair healthy and glossy in-between salon visits with a hair glaze for blondes.

Contrast balayage

Can’t decide between brunette and blonde? Live the best of both worlds with contrast balayage. Contrast balayage shuns the usual subtlety of balayage, instead blending super dark shades with light tones for a striking look. With a dark brunette base and light, bright blonde or even silver highlights, the contrast helps to amplify and define curls and waves.

Soft black

If you want to go to the dark side in 2023 but don’t want to commit to the full Morticia Addams look, a soft black shade is the perfect option. It’s a less harsh shade than full black, blending in darker brunette shades to soften the look while still bringing glossiness and shine. You can help keep your black hair color vibrant and shiny with a hair glaze for black hair.

Color blocking

Color blocking embraces the vibrant trend of the ’00s but adds a 2020s twist. The best way to embrace this trend is with two face-framing money pieces on either side of the face.  

You can go for a lighter color, such as icy blonde, for the money pieces and contrast with a darker brunette shade for an edgy look, or experiment with different colors. Yellow money pieces with orange hair is great for mixing color blocking with the flame hair color trend, or you could try pastel pink money pieces against soft brunette hair for a more subtle look.

Ribbon highlights

Ribbon highlights are exactly what you think they might be – highlights of color incorporated throughout your hair like ribbons. Unlike ombre, which focuses on blending color through the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, ribbon highlights start at the roots and bring the color throughout the entire length.

Ribbon highlights look especially beautiful on curly or wavy hair, as the ribbons add definition and depth. Typically, ribbon highlights have a darker brunette base and lighter blonde highlights, but you could experiment with pink ribbon ‘lights through darker blonde hair for a fun take.

Apricot blonde

Apricot blonde is a new take on a strawberry blonde shade, adding more orangey tones for a soft, creamy color. It’s great if you want to take on the copper hair color trend without straying too far from your blonde look, or if you’re a natural redhead who wants to experiment with a blonder shade.

Apricot blonde is also fabulous if you want to play with color, but you still want to keep a natural shade. The soft pastel hue adds a subtle pop of color to blonde hair, for something just a little out of the ordinary.

Blended bronde

Another option if you can’t decide whether blondes or brunettes have more fun, blended bronde perfectly mixes both shades. Whether you’re already blonde and you want to go darker, or if you’re brunette looking to go lighter, bronde is the ideal in-between shade.

Bronde hair is the ideal customizable shade, so you can work with your stylist to find the right color to suit you, adding in cooler or warmer tones as needed. Balayage can be used with bronde hair to achieve that natural look, plus you’ll find there’s less maintenance needed.