The Best Blonde Tones to Consider for Summer 2022

Summer blonde hair is a popular choice for many. Whether you’re already blonde and you want to find a new shade, or if you’re naturally dark and looking for a dramatic change, there are plenty of blonde tones you can try this summer.


Expensive Blonde

Good blonde hair will require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking its best. So, the latest blonde trend for summer 2022, expensive blonde, is a shade that really lives up to its name. It takes the low-maintenance blonde that we saw come out of the pandemic and lightens the tones to bring it back to a brighter shade. But expensive blonde still keeps tones soft and subtle, avoiding white-blonde highlights for a gentler contrast.

Whilst expensive blonde creates a natural look, it can take a lot of time to get it right, hence the name. It requires a lot of fine highlights and lowlights with expert blending to get the desired results. However, thanks to the multi-dimensional color, this shade will require fewer trips to the salon for upkeep. Use a deep conditioning treatment to keep hair healthy and nourished – our Glaze Super Gloss conditioning mask will repair hair and leave a mirror-glaze shine after just 10 minutes.

Pearl Blonde

Pearl blonde is the 2022 update for icy platinum hair. It steps away from gray tones towards super light blonde with white-gold undertones. The result is a pearl-bright, iridescent shade that gives a more natural-looking texture.

Combine with darker, smudged roots for a look that’s perfectly on-trend for 2022, or go for all-over color for a striking look. Pearl blonde will require a lot of bleaching to get that almost-white shade, so make sure to adjust your hair care routine to maintain healthy hair. Use our Glaze Super Gloss in Pearl Blonde as a deep conditioning mask in between salon visits to keep your blonde hair looking vibrant and shiny.

Champagne Blonde

Champagne blonde is the hot new hair color trend for 2022. It beautifully combines both warm gold and cool pearl tones to create a gorgeous neutral blonde. It also incorporates a subtle rosy pink hue, which you can amp up if you want to try pink hair without fully committing to a vibrant shade.

Champagne blonde is a luxurious, creamy blonde that will complement any skin tone. Warmer complexions will benefit from adding some warmer hues and highlights, so the color doesn’t leave them washed out.

Buttery Blonde

Buttery blonde is all about the warm golden blonde hues. Mimicking the tones of natural blonde hair, the warm tones are perfect for summer as they’ll help to bring out the warm, sun-kissed glow in your complexion.

Buttery blonde will have a medium-blonde base combined with both warm and cool highlights, including creamy blonde all the way to burnt-butter brown. All these shades are beautifully blended for natural, dimensional color that works with all skin tones.

Lived-in Blonde

Lived-in blonde is a shade we saw come out of the pandemic when lockdowns stopped us from visiting the salon for our regular upkeep. But if you’ve got used to the low-maintenance lifestyle, then lived-in blonde is for you.

We’re recently seen Margot Robbie adopt the effortlessly cool lived-in blonde, with a darker shadow at the root that should be closer to your natural color and golden highlights throughout the lengths. It gives a natural sun-kissed glow that requires very little maintenance – just make sure to visit the salon every three months to refresh the color.

Caramel Blonde

Caramel blonde is a gorgeous, warm-toned shade. It’s perfect for blondes who want to go a little bit darker, or brunettes who want to take a step towards blonde. Your stylist will either need to place some lowlights or highlights throughout your hair, depending on what your current shade needs.

You can decide with your stylist whether you want to go for a lighter caramel shade or a richer tone. Whichever caramel shade you pick, you’ll have stunning multi-dimensional color that will always catch the light and accentuate your best features. Caramel blonde hair will suit those with warmer skin tones better, but you might be able to work with your stylist to include some cooler tones to balance the shade for cooler complexions.

Playboy ‘Bright’ Blonde

Thanks to the success of the Pam and Tommy TV show earlier in the year, we’ve seen a revival of Pamela Anderson’s iconic 90s look. With this comes her gorgeous bleach blonde hair. For Playboy blonde, you’ll need lots of bright blonde highlights left untoned, or toned with a clear toner, to leave a rawer look.

Playboy blonde leans to warmer blonde shades, making a change from the icy platinum hues that have been popular in recent years. Our Glaze Super Gloss in Beach Blonde is ideal for boosting your color in between salon visits and also nourishing your dyed and bleached hair back to health. Once you’ve got Playboy blonde hair, style in a messy bun with casual face-framing tendrils for the perfect Pammy look.