Summer Hair Color Ideas for Festivals

Festival season is here and there’s no better time to experiment with your hair color. From bold, vibrant hues to soft pastels, you can really stand out from the crowd with a fun new hair color. Just pick your new shade, pair with space buns or a fishtail braid and you’re ready for the festival!


When you’re dying your hair, trying different colors and changing up your look, you’ll need to ensure you keep your hair in good condition. We recommend using a pre-coloring treatment to smooth and repair your hair before dying. This helps with a smooth application and long-lasting color. In between coloring, we recommend a hair gloss treatment to nourish hair back to health and keep it shiny. Our Super Gloss in Sheer Glow is a clear gloss, so you can use it whatever color hair you have, from pink to blue to bright yellow!

If you need some help choosing your next shade, below are our favorite and fun summer hair color ideas for the festival season.

Bubblegum pink

Pastel pink hair is the go-to for many of us experimenting with fun hair colors, and there’s a reason why it’s been so popular for so long. Especially for blondes, bubblegum pink hair is a subtle way of adding a pop of color. It will easily brighten up your look but never seems like too much, even if you go for a full head of pastel pink.

If you’re just starting out with fun color, you could try some soft rose lowlights first. You should bear in mind that pastel colors will usually wash out quicker, so you should use color-safe hair products and may need to get your color topped up more regularly. As a lighter shade, brunettes and those with darker hair will need to pre-lighten before they go in for the bubblegum hue. 

Midnight blue

Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean that you have to go for something bright. You can experiment with color whilst also keeping a dark and dramatic look – that’s where midnight blue color comes in. This darker shade is a more muted blue, bringing just a hint of the bold hue along with black.

To allow the vibrancy of the blue hues to shine through, we recommend that brunettes lighten your hair first – although you won’t have to go as light for dark blue as some other colors. You might also need to pre-tone the hair to remove any warmth and keep a true blue.

Fiery orange

Inspired by the emo revival and Hayley Williams’ iconic hair color, fiery orange hair is back and perfect for your rock festivals. This super bold look is not for the faint-hearted. We love this color paired with yellow ombré for a real fiery look. Or you can mute the shade to a more metallic coppery tone, which is still right on trend.

This color works best when it’s bright and vivid, so those with darker hair will need to lighten to a blonde shade first. You might also need to regularly visit the salon for touch-ups, although a hair gloss will help to keep hair shiny and vibrant in-between visits.

Ultra violet

Violet hair is a fantastic shade that works beautifully with both light and dark hair. You can choose exactly how bold you want to go with violet hair, keeping it to a few highlights, a dip dye, a money piece or even a full head of color.

If you’re going for a darker shade of purple, you won’t need to lighten your hair as much, but if you want a lighter shade, you’ll need to bleach your hair to get the best results. Those with fairer skin with cool undertones might find that a pastel shade looks best. Those with darker skin with warm undertones might find that a violet shade with more berry tones will suit better.

Canary yellow

A juicy bright yellow is perfect for festival season. Whilst those who regularly dye their hair blonde might usually try to banish those gold tones, with bright yellow hair we can embrace them instead. If canary yellow feels like a bold move, start with a balayage or money piece. Bright yellow can also look great with dark smudged roots for a modern, grungy feel.

Canary yellow hair will look best on those with warmer skin tones. Unless your hair is already blonde, you’ll need to lighten it first to get the best results and most vivid yellow color.

Sea green

Sea green hair color combined teal and green tones make for the perfect mermaid shade. We love this color on long loose beachy waves, but it works just as well on a short, sleek bob too. You can even add in different shades of green and blue as lowlights and highlights for a real ocean vibe.

To get the most vibrant sea green color, brunettes will need to lighten their hair to blonde. As with all bright colors, teal green will need regular touch-ups to keep it looking bold and beautiful.