Summer 2022 Hair Color Ideas and Trends You Need to Try

As the weather gets warmer, you might be feeling that familiar itch to change up your hair color. If you’re wondering what the hottest hair color for summer 2022 will be, look no further – we’ve collected the best new hair color trends you need to try!


Bright Blonde

Inspired by Pamela Anderson and Hulu’s ‘Pam and Tommy’, this summer we’re going to see bright blonde shades becoming even more popular. Golden blonde tones bring a warmth that more severe platinum tones just can’t achieve. Perfect for sunny days at the beach, bright blonde is the ideal summer hair color. To really get on the 2022 trend, keep your roots dark and smudged to add depth.

Whilst Pam has been dying her own hair for years, we recommend going to a professional to avoid any dye disasters! And to keep your blonde locks vibrant and free of brassiness in between visits to the salon, be sure to use a color conditioning gloss, like our range of Super Glosses. Combining a deep conditioning treatment with a color depositing mask, Super Gloss will give you a mirror-glaze shine and keep your color looking bright and beautiful. Go for Pearl Blonde Super Gloss if you have more icy tones in your hair or Beach Blonde Super Gloss for that iconic Baywatch look.

Fruity Blondes

If you’ve already been rocking the blonde hair for a while and want to make a subtle change for summer, adding in some fruity tones can bring a fun and vibrant look. A paler strawberry blonde can bring a sweet, girl-next-door look, or you can opt for a peachy ginger shade to make more of a statement. An apricot shade is great for natural redheads looking to lighten their locks ready for the summer.

Berry blondes are the perfect in-between shade for blonde and copper, not too fiery but not too cold. We’ve recently seen Sydney Sweeney, known for her iconic blonde locks, and Kendall Jenner, known for her striking brunette hair, both make the switch to copper-berry tones, and both look stunning. Fruit shades can suit all types of skin tones – just speak to your hairstylist about which fruity shade will best suit your coloring.


Bronde hair falls in between brunette and blonde tones. It’s great for those that want a striking but natural-looking and low-maintenance color. Bronde is perfect for brunettes looking to lighten their hair for the summer or for blondes who want to bring some depth and dimension to their look.

Bronde is that ideal sun-kissed color, and the beauty of this shade is that it can be adjusted to suit every skin tone. Go for deeper brunette shades with burnt caramel highlights, or go for a more subtle, ashy tone. Combine with beach waves for the perfect summer vibe!

Fiery Auburn

Warm spicy shades aren’t just for the winter months. Fiery auburn looks fantastic in the summer, bringing a bold multi-dimensional color that can suit all skin types. It’s great for brunettes who want an update for the summer without straying too far from their natural tone.

Remember to always consult with your hair stylist to find the perfect auburn shade for you. To keep your copper shade fiery all through the summer, use our Glacé Cherry Super Gloss. Our deep conditioning, color depositing mask will keep your auburn vibrant while also nourishing your hair to extraordinary softness with a mirror-glaze shine.

Candy Colors

Summer means festival season, and what better time to play with your hair color? Bright candy colors are looking to take off in the summer, with anime pinks, acid greens and electric yellow. When experimenting with candy colors, you can also play with your placement. You could try the classic dip dye with just your ends colored. This is the perfect, low-maintenance way of trying out some color – if you decide you don’t like it, or don’t want to keep up with the maintenance, just trim the ends off! Alternatively, you could try peek-a-boo color, with sections dyed a vibrant color underneath your natural shade.

Dying a bright color will usually require regular upkeep and those with naturally darker hair might find they need to lighten it to really get the vibrancy. This can all take a toll on our hair, so make sure to keep it nourished and healthy with a regular deep conditioning treatment. Our Clear Super Gloss is perfect for multi-colored hair, as it won’t deposit any color but will still leave your hair looking incredibly healthy and glossy.

Chunky Money Piece

For a real 2022 trend statement, go for a chunky money piece section to frame your face. This works best with contrasting colors – so, if you already have blonde hair, dye a section black or dark brown. If you already have dark hair, bleach a section at the front a platinum or ashy blonde. And don’t worry, redheads won’t be left out of this trend – for a real 90s look, dye sections platinum blonde, a la Ginger spice.

Whatever your shade, you can go for a money piece on both sides of your face or just one asymmetrical chunky highlight. Remember to use our Clear Super Gloss to keep your hair looking hydrated and healthy!