Should I Dye My Hair Black or Are There Alternatives?

There’s a reason why celebs like Megan Fox, Naomi Campbell, and Kim Kardashian always return to dark hair. Just like a little black dress, black hair is a classic. But whilst it can give a gorgeous, dramatic look, dying your hair black can have its challenges. If you’re thinking ‘should I dye my hair black?’, we look into the pros and cons of going dark and if there are any alternatives.

Reasons to Dye Your Hair Black

If your hair is already dark, you’ll find that dying your hair black can be an easy transition. You won’t require as much effort to reach the desired color – and if you decide you don’t like it, it will be simple enough to get you back to a lighter shade.

Another advantage of black hair is that darker hair seems to always look healthier than lighter colors. The darker hair dye can make the strands look thicker, leaving you with fuller looking hair. Plus, black will reflect light better, so your hair looks shinier and more nourished.

Black hair can really help to make the most of your features, like making your eyes pop. It can also work with most skin tones – although those with fairer skin and some redness should be careful, as black hair can also bring out redness. However, if you work with a professional colorist to find the right shade of black for your complexion, you can still go dark without amplifying any unwanted features.

Finally, the best advantage of black hair? It just gives you an instant edge. Whether you go for an alternative style, like Billie Eilish’s goth black hair and chunky bangs, or glamorous raven waves, or even a sleek chic bob, black hair will always look cool.

What To Consider Before Your Dye Your Hair Black

The main challenge of dying your hair black is that it is a huge commitment that requires a lot of upkeep. This is especially true if you have lighter hair to start with. It can be very difficult to strip black dye from your hair, meaning if you decide you don’t like it, you’ll either have to risk damaging your hair with chemicals or wait for it to grow out. Waiting for it to grow out won’t damage your hair, but it will leave you with some odd looking roots until your hair is long enough for you to cut out the black.

And speaking of roots, dying your hair black will require regular maintenance to prevent your natural roots from becoming visible. You’ll probably find you need to recolor every three to four weeks to keep your vibrancy and to keep roots concealed. In between colors, you could use a color conditioning treatment, like Glaze’s Lustrous Ebony Super Gloss or Luminous Liquorice Super Gloss. Whilst these won’t cover your roots, they will help to restore the vibrancy to your color, maintaining a jet black tone whilst also nourishing your hair to super silky softness.

Depending on your natural hair color, changing to black might also mean you have to switch up some other things in your beauty routine. If you have very light eyebrows, you might need to get them dyed too so they match your new hair or get a new brow gel or powder to darken them yourself. You might also need to look at your make up, as the colors that worked with your lighter hair might not look as good now you’re dark. But if there’s one thing we know works with nearly every color, it’s a bold red lip – which looks even more dramatic and gorgeous with black hair.

How To Get Vibrant Dark Hair Without Dying It Black

If you currently have very light hair and you’re feeling the itch to go dark, our tip is to take it slow. Begin by getting low lights that are a few shades darker than your natural hair. Get used to that first – if you love it, go a little darker again, until you know you’re ready to fully commit to black. If you decide you don’t like your hair darker, it will be easier to get back to your natural hair color.

If you naturally have dark hair and you’re looking for a way to boost the vibrancy, you might just need a gloss treatment. The nourishing color conditioning glosses from Glaze come in a range of 10 shades so you can find exactly the tone to amplify your hair color – whether you’re brunette or already have black hair. The Super Glosses from Glaze are a color depositing hair mask, acting like a tinted moisturizer for your hair, boosting the vibrancy of your color whilst also giving you a mirror Glaze shine and extraordinary softness. Super Gloss can be used on dyed hair, if you’ve already taken the plunge to dark hair, or to maximize your natural hair color, if you’re just looking to add some vitality to your natural shade.