Our Favorite Red Hair Color Ideas for Fall

Fall has arrived, and the changing season is the perfect excuse to change up your hair color. We love all the classic autumnal shades, from strawberry blonde to spicy ginger and all the way to deep berry reds. If you’re looking for some red hair color ideas this fall, read on to find your new shade.

Pumpkin Spice

Not just great for an autumnal drink, Pumpkin Spice is also a fab shade for your hair. It’s a bright, fun shade, taking the vibrant orange shade of pumpkins and blending in warm cinnamon and ginger tones. You can really personalize this shade, so bring some photos along for your hair colorist to help get the color you want. Your stylist will also be able to advise on which tones to add or take away to complement your skin tone, so you can find the most flattering Pumpkin Spice color for your hair.

Rich Cherry

Rich Cherry is a deep tone that makes a dramatic statement. This shade incorporates rich reds with deep mahogany tones. This shade is beautiful in ombre, with deeper browns at the roots, moving to lighter, more vibrant cherry red towards the ends – this also makes maintenance easier, as you have more room for your roots to grow out. But if you prefer an all-over cherry color, you can still make upkeep a breeze. Just use a red hair glaze, like our Glaze Super Gloss in Glac­é Cherry. A tinted moisturizer for your hair, Super Gloss deeply nourishes your hair for mirror-glaze shine and softness, whilst boosting the vibrancy of your color.

Burnt Copper

Burnt Copper takes warm ginger and red tones and blends with brunette hues to create an elegant, timeless color. It’s Julianne Moore’s go-to hair color and for good reason – this shade will always look gorgeous, whatever your style. It’s a great way for natural brunettes to go red for fall, adding just a hint of spice to your usual color. This shade works best with those with warm skin tones and looks especially striking on those with brown, hazel, or green eyes.

Strawberry and Cream

This hair color takes your classic strawberry blonde and adds a touch more creamy blonde to make a delicate, dreamy shade. The base of this color is blonde, so it’s fantastic for natural blondes who want to switch up their color and add a little spice while still keeping a soft, romantic feel. This color looks gorgeous on those with fair skin – think Nicole Kidman’s classic look or Rachel McAdams in About Time.

Red Highlights

For those that just want to add a pop of color for fall, vibrant red highlights are perfect for taking your hair to the next level. This works great on natural curly hair, accentuating your curls with vibrant color. Go for brighter reds at the ends and deeper reds towards the roots. Contrast with dark browns for a multi-dimensional color that has depth and fullness. Pair with your favorite deep red lipstick to pull the look together.

Sherbet Orange

Sherbet Orange hair combines pastel orange and peachy hues with creamy blonde and just a touch of pink, for a fabulous fantasy shade. This color can work great with a dark smudge of root to add contrast or keep it simple with an all-over Orange Sherbet color. The different tones throughout will add dimension and you can work with your hair colorist to find what combination will work for your skin tone.

Berry Red

A rich Berry Red is a gorgeous color to take you from Fall to Winter. This shade takes deep reds and purples – think merlot tones – and blends with mahogany brown for a striking look. The lighter reds and purples add dimension to this shade, with the darker tones reflecting the light for a glossy shine. Just use a regular hair gloss treatment to keep your hair beautifully shiny to really make the most of the color. 

Fiery Ombre

This Fiery Ombre color is reminiscent of Hayley Williams circa 2007 – and with emo making a comeback, so is this hair color. This shade takes vivid reds and deep oranges at the root, blending towards lighter orange in the mid-lengths and finishing with a gorgeous golden yellow. This shade can be great for natural brunettes, as you can incorporate a dark smudge at the roots to allow for regrowth. But beware that bleaching the ends of your hair can take a toll – remember to keep your hair luscious with our Glaze hair treatment. Our Super Gloss in Sheer Gloss is perfect for multi-tonal hair colors, keeping your hair nourished and healthy without depositing color.