Our Favorite Raven Haired Celebrities and How to Get Their Look

Black hair is always beautiful. It works for those with fairer skin as well as those with richer skin tones. The great thing about black hair is that it reflects the light, so your locks will always look shiny and healthy. The key to maintaining glossy locks is with a black hair glaze, which can boost the vibrancy of your color and nourish hair to improve shine. That and regular trips to the salon to banish any root regrowth will help you to look as gorgeous as our favorite raven-haired celebs. If you’re looking for black hair color ideas and inspiration, read on.


Rihanna is the queen of switching up her hairstyles. And whilst we’ve seen her with red hair, blonde hair, and golden-brown hair, she always comes back to jet-black hair. It’s a classic color that just works for Rihanna, whatever style or era she’s going through. From the iconic pixie cut, the sleek a-symmetrical bob, dreadlocks, long tousled waves, and even a mullet, we don’t think there’s any style that Rihanna can’t pull off with dark hair. She shows that sleek or textured, jet-black hair works every time.

Lana Condor

Actor Lana Condor first came to our screens in X-Men: Apocalypse but rose to fame starring in Netflix’s heartwarming teen rom-com series ‘To All the Boys’. We’ve seen her with long luscious locks and a sleek bob, but she’s never strayed away from her raven black hair and sleek shine. Lana credits her glossy hair to taking care of her scalp with a scrub and locking in moisture with a moisturizing hair mask. She says she avoids using hair tools wherever possible, to prevent any heat damage, which helps to keep her hair beautifully smooth and shiny.  

Vanessa Hudgens

Actor Vanessa Hudgens will sometimes explore lighter hair colors, with a golden ombre or even cherry red dip dye. However, she never goes too far from the dark side, instead sticking with black or super-dark brown hair. We love the 90’s Clueless chic hairstyle she rocked during Milan Fashion Week. Making the most of her glossy black locks, she had a half-up half-down ponytail with a dramatic side-swept fringe and cute curled ends. That’s our next party look sorted!

Christina Ricci

Many will know Christina Ricci as the icon Wednesday Addams, the OG gothic princess with jet-black braids. Whilst we’ve seen her with blonde hair since then, it’s the raven hair that we really love – our favorite hairstyle of Christina’s is the blunt bob and bangs combo. Christina shows that those with fairer skin can still look gorgeous with dark hair, as long as you’re not afraid to bring some drama.

Solange Knowles

In 2009, singer Solange Knowles cut off her hair after years of chemically treating it. She then started a journey where she embraced her natural hair, going from a short, cropped cut to growing out her afro. Since then, we’ve seen her with twists and box braids but perhaps her most iconic hairstyle is her fluffy textured waves from the cover of her album ‘A Seat at The Table’. Whatever the style, her dark hair always looks stunning.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is another raven-haired celeb who’s dabbled in lighter colors but always comes back to black. In their current rockstar era, we’ve seen them with a buzzcut, mullet and a choppy shag with bangs. Paired with heavy eyeliner, leather jackets, plaid skirts and all the silver hardware, Demi shows that jet-black hair is an absolute must for anyone looking to edge up their look.

Lupita Nyong’o

We have never seen Lupita Nyong’o on the red carpet looking anything less than perfect. From her makeup to her clothes and, of course, her jet-black hair, her looks are always on point. Her various hairstyles demonstrate just how versatile 4C hair can be, with towering up-dos, elegant short afros and long tapered braids. We also love how Lupita isn’t afraid to shy away from hair accessories to really pull a look together, with hair clips, beads, and cute hair bands. 

Lucy Liu

Aside from a brief blonde period in 2018 (of which, she said she got tired of the maintenance required to keep her naturally dark locks light), Lucy Liu is an iconic raven-haired beauty. Lucy tends to stick to long styles, with voluminous waves or keeping it sleek and straight. It’s a classic look that works for her – we like that she lets her glossy locks do the talking with simple but stunning styles.