Our Favorite Mother of the Bride Hair Styles

If your son or daughter is getting married, choosing your own look can be a big deal. You’ll want to look your absolute best but without overshadowing the happy couple. Below are some of our top tips and advice when thinking about your look for the big day, as well as some of our favorite mother of the bride hairstyles.

What to consider when choosing your mother of the bride hairstyle

When thinking about your hairstyle, you should consider the theme of the wedding. If your child is having a more traditional ceremony, it might be best to stick with more traditional, sophisticated up-dos. However, if the wedding is more relaxed and boho, you might prefer a looser style.

You should also think about the outfit you will be wearing. A tighter-fitting dress or elegant pantsuit might call for a tidier updo, whereas a long flowy dress would look great with hair worn down. You should also think about the neckline of your dress and any accessories you want to wear. A statement necklace will look better with hair drawn up and away from the neck, so the jewelry can really stand out.

You should also think about your personal style. If you tend to lean more towards traditional styles, you should look for a more elegant hairstyle to match. If you regularly have your hair down, you might prefer to keep it down for the wedding day or go for a half-up half-down do.

Hairstyles for the mother of the bride with long hair

If you have long hair and want to keep it down, a simple but gorgeous hairstyle is an elegant side sweep. Just style with a blowout and waves before sweeping over one shoulder.

Another great mother of the bride hairstyle for long hair is a half-up half-down bouffant. Leave the side sections of your hair down and backcomb the section that will be the bouffant. Pin it into place, wrap the side sections around and twist them together at the back so they can also be pinned. The down section of your hair can then be waved with a styling tool. For a more relaxed look, pull at sections on the top part of the do to give it more volume.

If you prefer an updo, there are plenty of wonderful mother of the bride hairstyles you can choose from. A side-swept low bun will look fabulous – pull out some tendrils from the front to make it look effortless. You can also add in a braid around the top of the head for a more romantic vibe. Or if you prefer a sleeker style, go for a chic high bun and add some hair jewelry for even more glamour.

Hairstyles for the mother of the bride with medium-length hair

If you’re looking for medium-length hairstyles for the mother of the bride, a classic French twist is timeless. It’s a more formal style but looks fabulous with any type of dress and complements any face shape. Another classic mother of the bride hairstyle is the chignon. You can keep this sleek and chic or make it more textured and tousled, depending on the overall look you’re aiming for.

If you want an updo that makes more of a statement, first curl your hair. Then roll and twist sections up to your head, pinning them in place to form an up do. Leave some tendrils loose for a softer look. 

For a loose hairstyle, a classic blowout will always look sophisticated. Just finish with some lightweight hairspray to keep your do looking pristine all day long. Alternatively, keep your hair down with sultry waves or your natural curls, and add in some accessories for a more glamourous touch.

Hairstyles for the mother of the bride with short hair

Don’t think that just because you have short hair, there isn’t still plenty of choice for elegant mother of the bride hairstyles. A simple but beautiful do is to leave your hair down, but styled in loose waves. Then, take a bejeweled barrette and pin back some strands of hair on one side. Spray with lightweight hairspray to keep everything in place for the day and voila! You’re ready to go.

Those with short hair can also do a wonderful half-up half-down style. Tease the hair so there’s plenty of volume at the crown and leave bangs of tendrils around the front to frame the face. You can leave this clean and simple, or add in some hair jewelry to take it up a notch.

How to prep your hair for the wedding day

You’ll want your hair to be in good condition for the wedding day so it will look its best. You should try to get a trim before the day, to make sure there are no split ends. If you want to have an up-do, you might want to start growing your hair out in enough time to ensure it’s the right length when it’s time to style it.

You could also use a deep conditioning treatment so your hair is shiny, glossy and soft. Our Super Gloss acts as a tinted moisturizer for your hair, boosting the vibrancy of your color whilst also nourishing and protecting your hair.

You could also switch to a microfiber towel to dry your hair and use a silk pillowcase. This will minimize any breakage on your hair which will reduce frizz and keep your hair shiny and healthy.