Our Favorite House of the Dragon Targaryen Hairstyles

House of the Dragon is the prequel to Game of Thrones and our new Sunday night event TV. The new series has already given us all the drama, violence, and scheming that we know and love from Game of Thrones. But it’s also given us an array of gorgeous costumes and hairstyles, with characters donning signature hairstyles to show their family allegiances. If you want to recreate some of their looks at home, below are just some of our favorite Targaryen hairstyles with tips to get the look yourself.

Rhaenyra’s Dragon Riding Hairstyle

Rhaenyra’s sleek hairstyle for dragon riding takes the Targaryen’s preferred half-up, half-down style and adds a simple but effective twist. This hairstyle works best with straight hair and the Targaryen silver color. Whatever your natural color, dying your hair to reach the desired icy white will require a lot of maintenance. Keep your hair healthy in between salon visits with our blonde hair glaze, to banish brassiness and yellow tones while nourishing hair to a glossy shine and softness.

To get Rhaenyra’s dragon-riding hairstyle at home, section your hair so you have two parts at the front that you can pull back and plait. Then, take another two sections underneath these to pull back into a small ponytail that tucks under the plait. And that’s it – you’re ready to ride Syrax to Dragonstone (or even just run errands in your car). 

Alicent’s Courtly Hairstyle

Alicent Hightower may have married into the Targaryen dynasty, but she still knows how to make a statement with her hairstyle. The key to Alicent’s hair is luscious waves and a gorgeous auburn hair colour. If you’re not naturally blessed with red hair, it can be easy enough for your hair colorist to get you to Alicent’s shade. Just remember that red hair color can fade quicker than some other shades. Keep your hair vibrant and fit for a queen with a red hair glaze.

Alicent mimics the Targaryen’s half up half down style but with volumes of waves. If you want to avoid heat styling, you can achieve these waves yourself by using a heatless curler headband overnight. Then just add a braided bun at the crown of your head and your best green outfit to show your allegiance to house Hightower.

Rhaenys’ Regal Hairstyle

Can we hear a little commotion for the Queen Who Never Was? Princess Rhaenys didn’t get the Iron Throne but with this hairstyle, she’ll always be a queen to us. Rhaenys has the Targaryen silver hair color and makes a statement with a high up do fit for royalty.

To create this look at home, you’ll likely need an accessory to help get the required volume. Hair pads are great for covertly raising your do. Start with straight hair and fix the hair pad to the crown of your head. Then scrape the front sections of your hair up and over the pad, fixing it in place so it drapes elegantly down the back. Make sure to separate some pieces to add in twists and plaits and add a few mini braids down the back section.

Laena’s Wedding Feast Hairstyle

Laena Velaryon is from another Valyrian family so also rocks the icy silver hair. For the wedding feast of her cousin and brother, she has her hair in gorgeous bouncy curls with the front sections pulled back while still giving plenty of volume. It’s a fabulous hairstyle for a wedding guest (and could even help you to arrange your own marriage, like Laena…)

Recreating this hairstyle at home will depend on your hair type. If your hair naturally dries into springy curls, you only need to add your usual moisturizing products to banish any frizz and keep your curls defined. If you have straight or wavy hair, use a curling tong or curlers to get the desired corkscrew curls, and add plenty of volume at the roots. Then just pull back the front two sections and fix to the crown of your head with a regal hair clip. Pull the sections out a little bit so they’re voluminous and not tight to the top of your head.

Special Mention: Daenerys Targaryen’s Hairstyle

We know Daenerys is born around 170 years after the events in House of the Dragon, but we couldn’t talk about Targaryen hair without giving her a mention. Our favorite Dany hair is from the epic episode in season three of Game of Thrones when she takes on the Master of the Unsullied and shows her potential to be a powerful Queen of Westeros.

For Daenerys Targaryen’s hair, first style into loose waves. Then pull your hair into a sleek half up, half down do, with a few braids throughout the top part. Take out two small sections from either side to frame your face and put on your favorite sky-blue cloak to really channel the Khaleesi.