Our Expert Advice for Your Wedding Day Hair

On your wedding day, you’ll want to look like the absolute best version of yourself. From your dress, your makeup and your hair, you’ll want everything looking gorgeous so you can feel confident and happy.


Planning your wedding can be a daunting prospect. As experts in hair care, we’ve tried to make things a little easier with our guide for your bridal hair.

How to prep your hair before your wedding day

Your wedding hair prep can’t start too early. You should start thinking about the kind of bride hairstyle you might want for the big day. If you’re leaning towards an up-do, you might want to start growing your hair out, just getting a regular trim to keep your ends healthy.

A regular hair gloss treatment in the months preceding your wedding will keep your hair in a healthy condition. Our Super Gloss deeply nourishes hair, bringing damaged hair back to softness whilst also locking in color intensity with a semi-permanent color boost.

Switching to a microfiber towel can also help to keep your hair in good condition, reducing breakages that can come when drying your hair with a regular towel. You could also switch to a silk pillowcase, which will also reduce breakages and frizz.

How to choose your bridal hairstyle

Choosing the right bride hairstyle can be just as important as choosing the dress. You’ll want to look and feel like yourself so you’re comfortable – but it’s also an opportunity to try out a more extravagant hairstyle that you might not wear in your day-to-day life.

Below are our top tips for choosing your wedding day hairstyle.

Create an inspiration board

Start by creating an inspiration board for your bridal hair on Pinterest. When you look at all the images you’ve picked, you’ll probably start to notice similarities and patterns. It might be that you always go for up-dos, or flower accessories, or styles for short hair. Beginning with an inspiration board can help you to think about exactly what you want for your own hair on your wedding day.

Consider your dress

When thinking about your hairstyle, it’s important to also consider your dress. We would always recommend settling on a dress before you pick your hairstyle. This will give you an idea of the vibe you want to achieve, whether that’s something sleek and sophisticated, or a boho wedding look.

You should also think about the detailing on your dress. If the back is particularly intricate, you might want to go for an up-do so you can really show it off.

Think about your personal style

Your personal style might just be the most important factor when choosing your bridal hairstyle. Think about how you usually wear your hair – if you always wear it down, you might feel more comfortable with a similar style for your wedding day. You can make it more formal with a professional blowout or with some bridal hair accessories. If you usually wear your hair up, you might prefer to find a bridal up-do.

Whilst your wedding day is an opportunity to go all out, you’ll still want to look back on photos and recognize yourself. Find some of your favorite pictures of yourself and see if there’s a pattern with your hair across them that you can emulate for your wedding day.

How to choose your hairstylist

If you’re comfortable doing so, there’s nothing stopping you from doing your own hair for your wedding day. We would advise having a few trial runs before your wedding, so you know exactly what you’re doing and will have no trouble getting your style perfect on the big day.

If you would prefer a professional to do your hair, you should start looking in good time. It might be that your regular hairstylist is able to do wedding hair. If this is the case, speak to them about what you might want and schedule a few trial runs.

If your regular stylist doesn’t do wedding hair, you’ll have to look further afield. Speak to friends and family to see if they have any recommendations and look online for people in your area that do bridal hairstyles. Many stylists will have an Instagram page where you can look at previous styles they’ve done, to see if they might do the kind of thing you want. When you’ve found a possible stylist, schedule in a trial with them to ensure you’re happy with their work before the wedding.

Whether you have a trial with your usual stylist or a wedding specialist, it can be helpful to bring along a photo of your dress, as well as your inspiration board. This will help them to find the right hairstyle to fit your wedding’s vibe.