Is the French Bob a Haircut that is Here to Stay?

The French Bob is a classic hairstyle. Originating in the 1890s and becoming hugely popular in the jazz era of the 1920s, this chic style has been chosen by confident, independent women for decades. But what makes the French bob so popular, and can we still rock the style in 2022?


What is a French Bob?

A true French bob will stop high on the cheekbones. All the hair will be one length, creating a striking look, or with subtle layers for more movement. A French bob will usually be accompanied by straight bangs that skim along the brow line.

Recently, we’ve seen stylists create their own version of the French bob, updating it from the 1920s flapper girls with a 21st century take. Keeping to the standard format, some French bobs will now come down lower on the face to the jawline instead of the cheekbones. We’ve also seen some French bobs with a shaggier look, incorporating shorter layers for a more tousled look. Many styles will have a range of different types of bangs, from curtain bangs to no bangs at all, each version designed to suit the wearer’s own hair type and face shape.

Whatever specific style you choose, a French bob should be chic and effortless, encapsulating that casual-cool Parisian vibe.

What Face Shape Suits a French Bob?

A French bob can suit just about any face shape, as long as you get the length and styling right.

Heart Shape

For heart-shaped faces, opt for a longer length for your French bob. You’ll want to build up weight at your jawline to bring balance to your face, which can be done with layered flicks or thicker, blunt ends.

Round Shape

Those with round faces could find that an even longer French bob will be more flattering, with the ends coming just below the chin. For a sleek style and to really achieve the French look, keep all the hair the same length on either side of the face.

Square Shape

Square faces will want to avoid a French bob that is cut to the same length as the jawline, instead going for a bob that ends just above or below the jaw. More texture will be key to bringing balance here, with choppy layers for a softer look.

Oval Shape

Those with oval faces have really hit the jackpot with French bobs – just about any length or style will flatter this face shape. Go for a sleek, blunt bob or a tousled, shaggy cut, with bangs or without, straight or curly – if you have an oval face shape, you can really go to town and play with your styles!

What Hair Type Suits a French Bob?

The beauty of a French bob is that it can really suit every hair type. If you have naturally straight hair, you’ll triumph in the sleek, chic, classic French ‘do. For those with wavier hair, you’ll easily get the tousled, laidback French bob. Curly hair also looks fabulous in a French bob, bringing volume with face-framing curls.

How to Style a French Bob

The point of a French bob is for it to be effortlessly chic, which means it’s generally a low-maintenance hairstyle. Model and influencer Taylor LaShae is our 2022 French bob muse, and she shows exactly how to confidently achieve that laidback, Parisian look, with tousled, glossy waves. Whilst you’ll need to visit your hairstylist every four to six weeks to keep your cut looking fresh and the right length, your day-to-day maintenance should be super simple.

Shine and Volume

The key to a French bob is to make sure your hair is in good condition, so you can have that sleek French shine. Ideally, you’ll leave out the heat styling, instead opting to embrace your natural texture. A deep conditioning treatment can help to banish frizz and keep your hair looking glossy and nourished – perfect for a French bob. Our Super Gloss will not only give you your healthiest looking hair, but it can also enhance your natural or dyed color, acting as a color depositing hair mask.

If you need a little more volume in your hair, spritz with texturing spray to get those tousled, airy waves without the crunch that can come with some other styling products. You can also use dry shampoo on your roots to add some volume and eliminate any oil that might start to build up a few days after your wash.


You can play around with accessories to find the right finishing touch for your French bob. Whilst a classic French bob won’t need anything extra, there’s nothing wrong with adding in something extra on days when you just want something more.

Use stylish hair clips to adorn your bob – stacking barrettes will really hit the 2022 hair trend. Or keep it classic with a hairband or hair scarf for a vintage look. And, for the complete Paris vibe, wear a beret. Voila – the perfect French bob!