How to Get the Kardashian's Hair at Home

The Kardashians have been icons of style for years. We’re always happy to see a new hairstyle, hair color, or hair length debuted by one of the sisters and we can’t wait for the next red carpet event to see their look.


We all know that the Kardashians have a whole team of people to keep their hair looking on point without a strand out of place. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get their look from the comfort of our own homes – or hair salons. Below, we delve into our favorite Kardashian hairstyles and share our tips on how you can get their look yourself.

Kim’s Classic Look

We all know the iconic Kim Kardashian hair. Long, sleek, and dramatically dark. Combine with a middle parting and that’s a classic Kim look. To achieve this yourself, you’ll either need to start growing your hair out or use extensions. Either way, you’re aiming for a length that reaches to at least your belly button for that stunning look. Once you’ve got the length started you can think about color – Kim’s classic look is a sultry black, but she will sometimes lighten to a medium brown. 

The key to Kim’s hair is the shine. You can go for straight hair or loose beachy waves, but without that gloss, you’ll be falling short of Kim’s look. A black hair glaze will help to give you a mirror shine and extraordinary softness, whilst also boosting the vibrancy of your jet black color.

Kim’s Platinum Blonde

At the 2022 Met Gala, Kim debuted an icy platinum blonde, to pair with Marilyn Monroe’s iconic jeweled gown. Kim previously went peroxide blonde back in 2015, and we are living for the return to this stunning shade. Kim explained to Vogue that she went from her classic dark locks to icy blonde in one sitting of 14 hours!

Whilst Kim and her fans have celebrated the new do, it’s advised that this sort of major hair color change be done in a few different sessions. Usually, a stylist will gradually lighten hair over a period of three or four months in a few separate sessions. This ensures all the hair reaches the same desired bleached shade, with no unwanted streaks or patches. If you’re going from brunette to icy blonde, be prepared for it to take some time!

As Kim has previously tweeted, platinum blonde is extremely high maintenance. If you want icy blonde hair, you’ll need to schedule frequent visits to your colorist to keep your roots touched up. In between salon visits, a hair gloss treatment will keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. Our Super Gloss in Pearl Blonde is perfect for icy blondes, banishing brassiness whilst nourishing your hair to a super shine. 

Khloé’s Bombshell Blonde

Khloé went back to blonde in 2021 with an Instagram post simply stating “Blonde KoKo is back”. This bright, frosted shade suits her perfectly, with face-framing highlights, ultra-fine lowlights and a subtle smudge at the roots. The effect is a natural, sun-kissed look that’s great for all skin tones. To get Khloé’s look at home, work with your stylist to find the right combination of blonde hues to complement your skin tone, adding in warmer or cooler tones where needed.

Khloé likes to switch up her style, playing with length. She’s currently rocking a lob; to get her look, keep it sleek and straight or gently curl the ends under for more movement and texture. Never one to be put in a box, Khloé isn’t afraid to add in extensions when she wants some more length – you can do this yourself with clip-in hair extensions, or speak to your stylist.

Kourtney’s Sleek Bob

Kourtney tends to stick with the darker hair color for an edgy rock chick look. It’s her signature color and she pairs it with her signature style – a blunt bob. To get this look at home, ask your stylist for a bob without layers. The ends should be blunt, but you should keep them slightly longer at the front to add some shape.

Kourtney shows us that having a signature hairstyle doesn’t mean you’re stuck with one look. We’ve seen her with a slicked-back wet-look bob at the Oscars, a sleek style with flicked-out ends for a cuter vintage feel, and a casual half-up half-down do with just the right amount of loose, face-framing tendrils for effortless glamor. If you choose Kourtney’s hairstyle, don’t be afraid to play around and get creative!