How to Do the Messy Bun and Look Effortlessly Cool

Why is it that the hairstyles that look so effortless can sometimes be the most difficult? Unless you’re blessed with long, voluminous hair, a messy bun can be quite a challenge. If it’s too messy, it will look flat and deflated, but too tight and you could end up with a ballerina bun instead. So how can you nail the messy bun? Here at Glaze, we believe that every updo can be attained by any hair type, as long as you know how, so find out how you can achieve a messy bun below.

How to Do the Messy Bun with Medium-Length and Long Hair

First, you’ll need to pull your hair into a loose ponytail. Place the base of the ponytail where you’ll want your bun to sit – if you want a higher bun, flip your head upside down and gather your ponytail higher up your head.

Next, take your ponytail and twist it. Keep twisting up the entire length and then begin to wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Keep wrapping it around until you have a bun but leave the end of the tail out. Secure it into place with bobby pins and a hair elastic and finish with hairspray to hold it into place. And you’re done! Enjoy the day looking effortlessly cool. Try to resist redoing the do during the day – strands will become loose which will just add to the messy chic. Repin sections if needed and only redo the whole bun if it really starts to look deflated.

How To Do the Messy Bun with Short Hair

For shorter hair, you can still follow the above steps, but you might have to stick with a low messy bun at the nape of your neck instead of it sitting high on your head. Depending on the length of your hair, you might be able to achieve some height, but be sure to pin any hair that falls down at the back if it’s too short to make it into the bun.

You can also use a donut bun maker to achieve a messy bun with shorter hair. Just put your hair into a ponytail and wrap the donut bun maker around the base. Lay your hair evenly around the donut and then pin the strands around it and into your ponytail. To keep it messy, leave the tips visible and pull out some front pieces so it doesn’t look too polished.

Tips For an Effortlessly Cool Messy Bun

  • For a successful messy bun, you should leave it a couple of days after washing. The dirt will help to add some texture and get that perfect tousled look.
  • If you want a messy bun but have clean hair, add a texturizing spray or dry shampoo to add that well-needed texture.
  • A messy bun needs to be messy, so don’t be afraid to mess it up! Once your bun is in place, run your fingers through the front section of your hair to loosen it and let some strands fall out.
  • If you have thin hair, tease the ponytail out before you pin it down into a bun to add volume.
  • If you want to tame frizz before you get your messy bun, use a deep conditioning treatment, like our Super Gloss. Our gloss will leave your hair shiny and nourished, banishing frizz and flyaways – just remember to add texturizing spray for a full messy bun.
  • Finally, make the messy bun your own with some accessories! Add in some elegant clips, a hair scarf, headband, ribbon, or scrunchie. Find what style works for your vibe, whether that’s fun and playful or elegant and sophisticated.