How Can I Keep Dark Brown Hair Dye Looking Salon Fresh?

Whether you’re a new brunette beauty or have been serving your chocolate locks for years, keeping your color looking rich and vibrant can feel like a chore. Very few of us have the funds or time for a fresh color application with our colorist every week – plus it wouldn’t be healthy for your hair.

To save you from growing salon bills and fading color, we have put together the ultimate guide to keeping your dark brown hair dye looking fresh.

1.     Let your color lock in

Following a salon visit try and wait as long as possible before washing your hair. If you can hold out for 3 days your brunette color will thank you. Experts explain that it can take 72 hours for your hair cuticles to close after a salon visit and trap the color deposited. Washing soon after an appointment could mean you’re showering all that glorious color straight down the drain and not giving your hair the chance to absorb.

2.     Don’t wash your hair everyday

There is an urban legend that washing your hair every day is bad. Really it boils down to your hair type, scalp condition, oil production, and personal preference. If you have the correct products and aren’t causing any problems with your washing schedule, then you are welcome to live your best life. However, when it comes to brown dyed hair, washing everyday can encourage fading.

You’ve got to imagine that every time you wash your hair, you’re losing a little bit of color. Therefore, the less you wash, the less your color fades. If you can stand to wash your hair once or twice a week you will notice that your brunette stays vivid for much longer.

3.     Only wash your hair using cold water

We completely understand, the thought of cold water running over your scalp when you really want a steamy hot shower is not appealing. However, the temperature of the water you use when washing your hair can have an impact on the longevity of your brunette tresses. If the water is too hot, it can even damage the cuticle of your hair, which leads to it becoming porous. Porous hair means deposited color can escape as the pores are left wide open. Therefore, if you can stomach it, turning down the temperature will help your brown dye stay around for longer.

4.    Make sure you rinse effectively

For those of us who enjoy a steamy soak in a bubble bath, it may seem all too easy to simply finish your hair washing routine and fling your head back into the water to rinse. It may feel as if you have washed your shampoo and conditioner out, but the likelihood is, you haven’t. This can make your colored hair look super dull and even greasy.

Whilst you may feel like you’ve rinsed the product out, it will still be lingering. Furthermore, that relaxing bath bomb, fragrant oil, and exotic body wash are also now trapped in your hair to some extent. We aren’t saying never have a bath again, that would be sacrilege, but utilizing your shower for your haircare is the best way to go to keep your color looking its best.

5.     Boost your color at home

If you’re keen to keep on top of your color between salon visits, then a color-depositing product could be your saving grace. There are shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for colored hair, even some tailored to brunettes.

However, nothing beats a color gloss. glaze Super Gloss will be your secret weapon to rejuvenate your locks in just 10 minutes. Our semi-permanent color has four products just for you and your brown hair:

Our Super Gloss can be used on natural or dyed brown hair. It isn’t damaging like traditional hair dyes (it is ammonia, silicone, and paraben free) and if you want to switch up your style it lasts 10 washes. You won’t need to worry about mess, and you will just need 10 minutes to let the gloss develop. Keeping your brown hair looking salon fresh couldn’t be easier.

6.     Keep heat styling to a minimum

Any heat applied to your hair will open the cuticle, causing your brunette color to fade. Just in the same way avoiding washing your hair too much can help with brunette longevity, steering clear of blow drying and heat styling can be beneficial too. Now, if you have a love affair with your straighteners or can’t get enough of your curling iron you may want to consider investing in a heat protector. If you know you’ll be using a heated hair tool, perhaps let your hair air dry to keep heat exposure to a minimum.

Maintaining the color of your brown tresses doesn’t have to be a chore. Just a couple of haircare tweaks will save you both time and money. Don’t forget to let us know if you try a glaze Super Gloss to boost your color!