Hallowe’en Hair Color Ideas for Your Spooky Party

Spooky season is here. And if you’re like us, you’ll be planning your Hallowe’en costume. Whether you’re a DIY Queen or prefer store-bought, the key to bringing your costume together is the hair. If you need some Hallowe’en hair color ideas and costume inspiration, read on.

Midnight Black

Midnight black hair is a classic Hallowe’en hair color. Whether you’re going for a traditional witch or getting the green face paint out to play Elphaba, a sexy cat (just add cute ears and whiskers), or our favorite Hallowe’en beauty, Morticia Addams, jet black hair pairs perfectly with all sorts of costumes. Plus, it’s a color that you can rock all year long – if it works for Megan Fox, it can work for you too! Black shades help to make our hair look glossy and healthy, as it will reflect light better than other tones. Keep your hair looking shiny with a black hair glaze, to boost the color vibrancy and get your black shade looking its best for your Hallowe’en party.

Black and White Contrast

For a spookier Hallowe’en hair color, combine jet black with icy white. Half and half hair color is bang on trend for 2022, and just so happens to be Cruella De Vil’s color of choice. Just pick which Cruella you’ll be emulating – the classic Disney animated Cruella, with a creamy fur coat and green eyeshadow, Glenn Close’s Cruella in high fashion, or Emma Stone’s most recent Cruella with a punk rock feel. Whichever you pick, don’t forget the bold red lip!

If Cruella’s not your thing, you can combine black and white hair for a Bride of Frankenstein costume. You’re going to need a lot of curls and volume for this look – we’ve seen some people recreate the iconic hair with the help of a soda bottle! For the color, go for all over black with two symmetrical streaks of white on either side. Now all you need is your Frankenstein’s Monster for the perfect couple’s costume.

Pumpkin Orange

If you like to keep your Hallowe’en costume simple, a great way of amping it up is with Pumpkin Orange hair. This color also works all year round, so just add a spooky spider hair clip with a black dress and voila – you’re ready for Hallowe’en. You can really experiment with which shade of orange you want. A soft pastel shade can be more subtle or you can pack a pumpkin punch with bright, vibrant orange. You could also play with ombre and dip dyes – orange with black makes a striking contrast or add yellows and reds for a flaming effect.

Sultry Red

A sultry red shade is another Hallowe’en hair color that you can enjoy all year round. For your Hallowe’en party, red hair works great for devilish costumes; all you need are mini horns, a pitchfork and a red dress. Jessica Rabbit is another sexy Hallowe’en costume that pairs beautifully with red hair, styled in long Hollywood waves. If you’re a comic book fan, pair your red hair with a leafy green Poison Ivy costume and a Harley Quinn partner for a great couple’s costume.

Keep your red hair looking vibrant and glossy with a red hair glaze that nourishes hair while boosting the color intensity. With your hair sorted, you’ll only need to worry about which costume you’ll pick!

Icy Platinum

Icy platinum hair is a fantastic shade to take you from your Hallowe’en costume into the frosty winter months. Whether you want to dress up as a Targaryen princess or a Disney Ice Queen, Icy Platinum hair will be the finishing touch for your costume. Or if you prefer something a little grittier, combine your white-blonde hair with The Witcher’s costume and add some amber contacts to get that glowing eye look. Of course, icy platinum hair will take a toll on your locks, so keep them nourished with a deep conditioning treatment. Our Pearl Blonde Super Gloss will banish brassiness and yellow tones, to keep your color looking gorgeous in between salon visits.

Barbie Blonde

Margot Robbie’s Barbie film might not be out yet, but after the images emerged of her and Ryan Gosling in their neon pink outfits, we expect to see a lot of Barbie and Ken costumes this Halowe’en. No Barbie outfit would be complete without the classic bright Barbie Blonde hair, a sunny golden shade. And if Barbie’s not your choice for costume, this color also works for Marilyn Monroe, Sandy from Grease, Cher from Clueless, Elle from Legally Blonde – the list is endless! Keep your blonde hair shining with a blonde hair glaze, to neutralize brassy tones and nourish your hair.