Hair Color Ideas for Over 50s

At Glaze, we believe there are no rules when it comes to choosing a hair color. Whatever your age and whatever shade you want to go for will look great, as long as you look after your hair with a regular hair gloss treatment to keep it nourished and shiny.

Whether you want to embrace the grays, amplify your natural hair color or switch to a new shade, there’s never a better time to play with your hair color. If you’re looking for some inspiration, below are our favorite hair color ideas for over 50s.

Smokey silver

Smokey silver hair is the perfect color for over-50s looking for a chic shade that welcomes grays. Smokey silver is a perfectly on-trend hair color for every age and can be a low-maintenance option for those going gray, as you won’t need to worry about any gray hair coming through in between coloring.

Whilst dark hair will need to be bleached to achieve the look, smokey silver looks great when contrasted with a dark smudge of roots, meaning you can leave it a bit longer between salon visits. Bleaching will take a toll on your hair, so keep it in healthy condition with a hair gloss. Glaze Super Gloss in Sheer Glow will add vibrancy to your smokey silver color and leave your hair super shiny and extraordinarily soft.


Bronze hair is great for natural brunettes who want to take their hair lighter or blondes who want to take things darker. It’s a color that will suit all skin tones, including light, olive and dark. Bronze is a multidimensional shade, taking a brunette base and adding subtle notes of caramel, gold and even reds to add warmth and depth to your hair.

It’s the perfect shade for camouflaging any stray grays, thanks to the shimmering lighter tones dispersed throughout the hair. Bronze hair is also less damaging than lighter shades, as it requires less bleaching than a whole head of blonde or silver.

Rich red

If you’re a natural redhead or want to try out a different shade, a gorgeous rich red is a great hair color for over-50s. Think Julianne Moore and Debra Messing, who both effortlessly pull this shade off. This color will usually suit those with fairer skin but speak to your hair colorist about how to make it work for you if it’s a shade you really want. Red tones can be combined with browns and honey blondes to adjust the shade to better complement your skin tone.

Red hair for over-50s is bold and fun. It will bring a warmth and vitality to your look with a rich, timeless color. Red hair can be quick to fade, so maintain vibrancy in between salon visits with a red hair glaze and wash your hair with cool water instead of hot.

Golden blonde

Golden blonde is a flattering, multi-tonal shade with honey, gold, and buttery blonde hues spread throughout the hair. A warm shade, it suits warmer skin tones but can be adapted by your hair stylist to also complement those with cooler-toned skin. Golden blonde for over-50s brings a brightness and youthfulness to your look, giving a gorgeous sun-kissed glow all year round.

Those with naturally lighter, blonder hair will find it easy to change to golden blonde, but those with darker hair will need to lighten it first. Your hair stylist may be able to incorporate your natural tones, going for a golden blonde balayage instead of a full head of hair. This can also help to camouflage any grays that come through in between coloring, seamlessly dispersing them through the lighter highlights.

Champagne blonde

Champagne blonde is a cool-to-neutral toned shade inspired by our favorite glass of bubbly. The lighter blonde hue has a subtle rosy undertone that’s best suited to fairer skin but can be adapted with warmer, golden tones to tailor the shade to darker skin.

The natural darker undertones of this shade add depth and dimension and the lighter highlights can seamlessly incorporate stray grays. This shade works great with a dark smudge at the root, making it easier to maintain and requiring less salon visits. You should still aim to keep your hair healthy in between salon visits, as most people will need their hair lightened to achieve the perfect champagne blonde shade. Use a blonde hair glaze to banish brassy tones from your hair while keeping hair nourished and shiny.

Dark chocolate

Getting older doesn’t mean you need to shy away from darker hair colors. We love a rich dark chocolate shade for over-50s, to effortlessly add shine and depth to your look. Chocolate brown hair can suit all skin tones, and you can experiment with different tones for a subtle difference. Adding in some cherry tones can add some vibrancy, or golden caramel highlights can brighten the look and add a natural glow. Combine chocolate with cooler black shades for a more mysterious and dramatic look.

Dark chocolate hair will require more color touch-ups to keep grays hidden and prevent root regrowth. Keep your chocolate hair vibrant and rich with a brown hair glaze. Our Super Gloss for brunettes will add delicious brown tones to brunette hair whilst also leaving it soft, shiny and nourished.