Everything You Need to Know About Copper Hair

Fiery copper hair is our favorite hair color trend of 2022 so far. Whilst red shades have previously been preferred for fall, this bright auburn shade works great all year round. Everyone from Zendaya to Kendall Jenner has tried out copper hair, demonstrating just how versatile this color is.

If you want to experiment with copper hair, below is everything you need to know before you take the plunge.

What is copper hair?

Copper hair includes a broad range of shades, from a rich red all the way to strawberry blonde. What unites these shades and makes them coppery is the warm orange base. It brings an edginess over other colors on the ginger-red spectrum and can be flattering on all skin tones, as long as the right shade is found.  

What shade of copper will suit my skin tone?

There’s a copper shade that will complement every skin tone. Those with fairer skin will look best with rosy, gold tones – strawberry blonde and true copper looks fantastic on paler skin tones. Those with more olive skin will look best with berry tones and those with darker skin will look best with deep cherry and wine tones, moving more towards the darker auburn end of the copper spectrum.

Copper is a warm tone so those with cooler undertones in their skin will need to incorporate cooler hues to make sure it doesn’t wash them out. You should look online to find the shades of copper that you prefer – keep an eye out for people who also have a similar skin tone to you and see what looks good on them. You should take these to your hair colorist for a consultation to find your perfect copper shade.

What’s involved with dying hair copper?

Virgin hair – hair that’s never been colored – will be easier to dye copper. Depending on your natural hair color and the copper shade you want, you might only need a tint. The process for coloring previously-dyed air will be a bit longer, and if your hair is dark you might need to lighten it to achieve the right shade.

It will also be more difficult to switch to another shade when you fancy a change from copper, so you shouldn’t go for copper hair unless you’re prepared to stay in the red color spectrum for a while. If you want to experiment with copper before making the full commitment, go for a copper money piece or use a red hair glaze to see if a copper shade will suit you.

How do I maintain copper hair?

Copper is a high-maintenance shade. Red tones tend to fade quickly but the remaining dye will usually linger for a long time. You’ll need regular salon visits, usually every 6 to 8 weeks, to keep the color fresh. You can also use a color glaze for hair to keep your copper hue vibrant. Glace Cherry Super Gloss is perfect for those with copper shades on the deeper auburn end of the spectrum or use Sheer Glow Super Gloss if you have a lighter, brighter copper shade. The deep conditioning treatment will help to keep your hair healthy, which will boost the vibrancy and shine of your copper tresses.

As with any other vivid hair color, you should reduce the amount you use heat stylers, as these can damage the hair and cause the color to fade quicker. You should also reduce the amount you wash your hair, as the shampoo will cause the copper to fade out. Avoid hair products that contain sulfates, as these will also strip away the color, as well as removing the natural oils in your hair and scalp, which will make hair look dry. Keeping your hair hydrated with the right products and conditioning treatments will be the best way to keep your copper color bright and your hair shiny.