Everything You Need to Know About Ash Brown Hair

Are you looking for multi-dimensional brunette hair, but you’re bored of the usual golden caramel highlights? Then say hello to ash brown hair, the chic brunette shade that adds a smoky twist to classic brown.

What is ash brown hair?

Ash brown hair is like a cooler-tined version of bronde hair, taking a deep brunette base and adding smoky, almost silvery tones. The finish is a cool, multi-dimensional shade that reflects the light for a glossy sheen.

What skin tone suits ash brown hair?

Ash brown hair can be adapted to suit nearly any skin tone. As a predominantly cool-toned shade, it pairs perfectly with cool-toned skin, balancing out any pink or rosy undertones.

But if you have warm-toned skin, you can also enjoy ash brown hair. By using balayage or ombre on a rich brunette base, you can rock the smoky ash brown shade in a more subtle way, that won’t wash you out.

Does ash brown hair need bleaching?

If your hair is currently a dark shade, you will need to lighten the strands with bleach before you can achieve the desired smoky look. Bear in mind that bleaching can damage your hair, so keep it nourished with a hair gloss treatment that will keep your hair soft and shiny.

If your hair is already lighter than the ash brown hair color you want, then you won’t have to bleach it. However, some hair dyes contain chemicals that can be damaging to hair, so you could still benefit from a hair gloss in-between salon visits to keep your hair in good shape.

Is ash brown hair good for gray hair?

Ash brown hair is a great choice if you’re looking to cover gray hair. Because the shade already blends smoky gray tones throughout your hair, it will be more forgiving when your natural hair color starts to come through.

The ash brown hair shade will blend seamlessly with grays. As the dye fades, your natural gray will still cast the desired smoky look. Hair dye will fade faster on gray hair, so if you want to keep to the original ash brown shade then you will have to top up the color every four to six weeks.

How to take care of ash brown hair

Ash brown hair is a cool-toned shade, which means it can turn brassy when it’s not maintained properly. A blue shampoo or conditioning gloss can help to banish brassy tones and keep your ash brown hair smoky and cool.

Like with any dyed hair, you should use a gentle, color-safe shampoo to avoid stripping the color from your strands. Avoid hair products that contain sulfates, as they will take the color from your hair.

You should also cut down on how much you wash your hair – try to stick with two to three times a week at most - and always leave it a couple of days before you wash your hair directly after you have it dyed. A lightweight dry shampoo can work wonders to refresh your hair without fading the color.

If you’ve bleached your hair to get to ash brown, use a regular deep conditioning treatment or hair mask to help repair any damage from the chemicals. Our Glaze hair gloss contains Babassu Oil which deeply hydrates hair back to health, leaving it soft and shiny.