Christmas Hair Ideas for Your Festive Celebrations

Are you looking for some hair inspiration for the festive period? Look no further. We’ve found our favorite Christmas hair color ideas and Christmas hairstyles to help you look gorgeous over the holidays. 

Christmas hair color ideas

Festive red

We love the idea of going a gorgeous vibrant red color for Christmas. You can decide how bold you go, whether it’s a red-tinted brunette or full fiery red. Purplish-red and plum tones are also fabulous for the festive period.

Whilst red hair is beautiful, red colors will usually fade the fastest. Keep your hair looking vibrant for the whole holiday with a red hair glaze. Our hair gloss will boost your color and also nourish your hair to a mirror-glaze shine, so your hair will look its best for all your festive parties.

Christmas tree green

If you really want to make a statement this holiday season, you could dye your hair a spectacular green shade. Adorn your hair with some metallic hair beads for a truly Christmas tree feel – because at Christmas, there’s no such thing as too much.

Going green for Christmas will usually require a little bit of effort, and that can take a toll on your hair. Keep your hair nourished and healthy with our Sheer Glow Conditioning Gloss, which will leave your hair shiny without depositing any color. 

Icy silver

For all the ice princes and princesses, there’s no better color to dye your hair than an icy silver. It’s a fantastic color for the entire winter season, bringing a cool-toned frosty look to your style.

Icy silver hair will require a lot of bleaching, especially for those with darker hair. Keep your hair healthy with our clear conditioning gloss which will nourish your hair with Babassu oil to keep it healthy in between visits to the salon.

Christmas hairstyle ideas

Ponytail with a bow

A super simple hairstyle for your Christmas party is a ponytail with a bow. You’ll want to ensure your hair is looking shiny for this style – just sweep it back into a high or low ponytail and add an elegant bow around the tie. The great thing about this style is that you don’t need a fancy hair accessory to make it work. Just delve into the Christmas gift wrapping to find a ribbon and voila – you’re ready for the party.

Hollywood wave

The Hollywood wave is a classic style that looks elegant and effortless. Using hair rollers can be a better way of getting volume into this style, but curling tongs can work too. You’ll want glossy hair and large waves swept over one shoulder to really nail the look. Tuck the other side behind your ear or secure it back with a glitzy hair clip.

Box braids half up half down

Styling your box braids in a half up half down do is an easy way of glamming up your usual look. Fix a section of your braids to the crown of your head and wrap another section of braids around for an even more elegant feel. Add a few sparkly hair clips for added embellishment or leave it free and simple.

Statement headband

If you’re short on time for creating a Christmas hairstyle, sometimes just adding a headband can bring a look together. A velvet headband brings a festive feel to any style, whether you’re putting your hair up into a bun or ponytail or leaving it loose. For added style points, match your headband with your outfit or other accessories.

Braid crown

A braid crown is perfect for bringing an extra regal feel to your festive party. The trick is to braid your hair neatly first and secure it at the end. Then you can mess it up a little bit, pulling at the braid to create that effortless chic look. You can then wrap it over your head and secure it in place with plenty of bobby pins.

Hair tinsel

This might just be our favorite Christmas hairstyle – hair tinsel. Hair tinsel is perfect for adding a touch of glitzy glamour to your hair for your festive parties. It can take some time to tie the hair tinsel into your hair – you have to apply each strand separately - but once you’re finished, you’ll be the envy of everyone you see over Christmas.