Blonde Hair Color Ideas to Refresh Your Look

We’re not here to argue about whether blondes have more fun – that’s for you to decide. But what we do know is that blondes have a huge choice when it comes to hair colors. From super light and bright to dark and ashy, there’s a perfect blonde shade out there for everyone.

If you need some inspiration before you reach for the bleach, take a look at some of our favorite blonde hair color ideas.

Icy platinum blonde

Not for the faint-hearted, icy platinum is a hugely popular blonde hair color. This almost-silver shade has a cool base, so will be better suited to those with cool skin tones but can be adapted with warmer hues if needed. Icy platinum will always make a statement and it suits all sorts of styles, from short pixie cuts to long wavy locks (just add a few braids if you want to channel Daenerys Targaryen).

You can pair icy platinum blonde hair with a dark smudge at the roots to add depth and make upkeep a little easier. But even so, icy platinum may be the most high-maintenance blonde shade. Those with naturally dark hair may find it a challenge to reach a true icy platinum, so always consult with your hairstylist so you know what will be involved. Once you’ve got your platinum shade, you’ll need to visit the colorist every four to six weeks for touch-ups. In between salon visits, you can add vibrancy to your color, banish brassy tones and nourish your bleached hair back to health with a hair gloss treatment. Our Super Gloss in Pearl Blonde removes all yellow tones for ultimate ice queen hair, whilst Babassu Oil deeply conditions hair back to a mirror-glaze shine.

Bright golden blonde

Bright golden blonde hair has come roaring back into fashion, bringing a classic bombshell look into the 21st century. Golden blonde embraces all the buttery warm tones without looking brassy or yellow. It adds a softer, sunnier, luxurious look and can suit all skin tones, especially those with warm, peachy undertones.

You can go for a dark to light golden blonde ombre, which can help with upkeep, or go for a full head of the same shade and let the gorgeous golden tones run all the way through your hair. Whilst golden blonde hair might not require as much maintenance as platinum blonde, you’ll still need to see your hair colorist regularly to keep it looking fresh. Our Super Gloss in Beach Blonde is perfect for keeping golden blonde shades vibrant in between professional colors, neutralizing brassiness and leaving hair super soft and shiny.

Undone blonde

Undone blonde is a hair color trend borne out of pandemic lockdown necessity but now coveted thanks to its effortless low maintenance. It’s a warmer, darker shade of blonde that looks so natural – think sun-kissed highlights and brighter ends with a smudged root. It’s a subtle approach to blonde and is perfect for tailoring to your specific skin tone. Speak to your hair colorist about finding the right shade for you, and whether you need cooler hues or warmer tones scattered throughout the color.

This is one of the easiest blonde shades for those with dark hair to achieve, as it will require much less lightening. Depending on how you approach your specific undone blonde, you may only need to visit the salon every four months or so for a refresh. Our Super Gloss in Honey Blonde is our darkest shade of blonde, perfect for banishing any brassy tones and keeping your hair nourished in between salon visits.

Brown to blonde ombre

If you’re not ready to make the full blonde commitment, you can dip your toes – or hair – into fair waters with brown to blonde ombre. With this look, you’ll have your darker shade at the roots and then see it gradually blend into lighter and lighter blonde throughout the lengths. The goal is a seamless transition from dark to light, for an easy, breezy hair shade that brings depth and dimension.

Natural blondes will find it easy to achieve this look and will have a low-maintenance style after. Those with darker hair will need a little bit more work to lighten up the mid-lengths to ends of the hair but will need fewer visits to the salon, as you won’t need to worry too much about getting your roots touched up.

Bleach blonde money piece

The most on-trend blonde hair color has to be the bleach blonde money piece. Whether you go for one money piece or face-framing sections, this is a trend that we’re seeing everywhere (especially on TikTok). Having a lighter section at the front will help to accentuate your features and create dimension, bringing an edgy look that’s just so Gen Z. 

Our favorite take on this style is pairing dark locks with two platinum blonde sections on either side of the face – but really you can mix it up however you like. If you want something more subtle you can pair darker blonde all over with lighter blonde money pieces at the front. Or you can jazz it up with some bright and vivid colors, like bubblegum pink or bright blue. Make sure to care for your multi-colored hair with our Super Gloss in Sheer Glow, bringing all the nourishing goodness of our gloss treatments without depositing color, so you can live your best vibrant life.