5 Unique Colors for Money Piece Hair Dye

What started off as a TikTok trend has fast become one of the most requested hair coloring techniques in salons around the world. The money piece is a highlighting technique that involves hand painting face-framing highlights from root to tip. Similar to a balayage, this look can bring out your features and also allow you to have a little fun with your look.

Typically, money pieces tend to be a shade of blonde. However, the realization that having this light base allows for color play has seen many going for semi-permanent bold hues such as a pink and blue. However natural or vibrant you want to go, there is a money piece color to consider below for every style.

1.     Bring the brunette drama

Reversing the popular brunette with blonde money piece combo can look striking. Whilst the premise of money piece highlighting is to lighten around the face, teaming a blonde all-over color with a deep brunette money piece is a fun play on the trend. Chocolate hues around the face can make blue or green eyes pop and will suit most skin tones.

But how do you know which brunette shade to go for? This all depends on how dramatic you want your look to be and the tone of your blonde. Don’t worry, maintenance is super easy with glaze. We have three blonde and three brunette colors available in our Super Gloss range to help keep your color dazzling between salon visits.

2.     Add a little spice

No matter the overall color of your hair, introducing an auburn shade is definitely going to turn heads. From zesty orange colors to deep garnet reds, a money piece in any auburn or ginger hue is going to give you a whole new style. One of our favorite shades at glaze is a warm ginger. This natural color can be used as a money piece to contrast against blonde, brunette, or black manes. However, your stylist could also work this hue into tresses that are already auburn. To keep your warm ginger hair vibrant, soft, and shiny why not treat yourself to a bottle of our Super Gloss in the shade Glacé Cherry? The Super Gloss formula not only nourishes colored or natural hair but boosts the color intensity too.

3.     Level up your raven

Whether you have natural or dyed black hair a money piece can be a great way to experiment with color. Due to the small sections that are taken, only a fraction of your hair will need to receive bleach lightening, leaving the rest of your locks healthy. However, you can easily nourish your black hair with our no-mess Super Gloss in shades Luminous Liquorice or Lustrous Ebony.

If blue isn’t quite your thing but you like the idea of experimenting with bolder colors against your midnight tresses, teal is a great option, and your colorist won’t need to lift too heavily with the bleach. Similarly, deep magentas and scarlet tones look fantastic against black locks too.

If you’d prefer to contrast with something lighter, grays and silvers look incredible against black hair. Furthermore, having such a light base to play with means you could easily experiment with other money piece colors in the future.

4.    Boost your blonde

Highlights. Balayage. Babylights. Blonde is one of the most common colors requested when a stylist is performing one of these coloring techniques. What is so unique with blonde is the countless hues and tones, both on natural and dyed locks. Having lighter hair also means greater scope to experiment with color without the need for extensive bleaching.

Do you already have a blonde money piece? If you’re not ready to commit to an entirely new color completely why not opt for one of the blonde Super Glosses from glaze? Pearl Blonde is our lightest shade and acts in the same way as a purple shampoo – eradicating yellow tones whilst nourishing the hair. You could use this on your money piece to lighten without damage and add more of a platinum blonde tone. If you’re looking to switch up your blonde money piece and would prefer a more natural look our Beach Blonde Super Gloss is the answer. This works wonders on light to medium blonde hair to create a classic golden blonde that will last for up to 10 washes. Lastly, Honey Blonde is ideal to use if you have a lighter money piece and want to see what a darker blonde would look like for a few weeks.

5.     Natural with a neon

We love the money piece trend because it simply works with every color. There are no rules and combinations can be as natural or bright as you dare. In some cases, even when two unnatural clashing colors are put together, it can look incredible. If you have virgin hair, you’re in the perfect position to visit a stylist for a money piece. As there is no dye on your hair it will lift easily, giving you a clean blonde base for whatever color you desire. Celebs such as Bella Hadid have been rocking their natural hair color with neon money pieces – orange in Miss Hadid’s case. However, Instagram and Pinterest have seen beautiful natural tresses with bold money pieces all colors of the neon rainbow! It’s certainly a way to make a statement whilst still maintaining your natural virgin hair color.