10 Iconic Haircuts and Styles for a New Year, New You

Why not step into 2022 with a brand-new hairstyle? Changing up your look will not only turn heads but have you feeling a million dollars too! Get inspired with our list of iconic styles from all eras that have stood the test of time.

1.     Mia Farrow’s perfect pixie crop

Undoubtedly one of the savviest PR moves of all time, Mia Farrow’s haircut for her role in Rosemary’s Baby was nothing short of breathtaking. Vidal Sassoon was flown into London in 1967 to trim Farrow’s blond tresses into the Twiggy-inspired crop that is still a classic look today. The daring pixie cut is perfect for the busy lady and is great for accentuating eyes and cheekbones.

2.     Grace Jones’s flat top

How could we talk pixie cuts without mentioning Grace Jones? The flat top haircut she sports on the cover of her 1980s album Nightclubbing is bold and beautiful. If you have afro-textured hair and want a new look for the new year, there is no doubt that this androgynous cut would be striking.

3.     Anna Wintour’s power bob

There’s a reason why you haven’t seen Anna Wintour sport any other haircut other than her signature bob. The bob and bangs combo is utterly timeless, chic, and sophisticated. Go dark and blunt for a 1920s feel or keep it light, longer, and flicked under.

4.    The Rachel

Back in the late 90s, women in their droves ran to salons asking for Jennifer Aniston’s haircut she sported as Rachel in Friends. With a resurgence in 90s fashion the cut has come back into popularity and stylists today are putting their own spin on it. The Rachel is a great option for those who don’t want to lose length but fancy a brand new style.

5.     Marilyn Monroe’s blonde bombshell

Whether you’re a natural blonde or are tempted to go platinum, Marilyn Monroe was the queen of Hollywood glamour. Her perfectly coiffed curls can be modernized today by asking your stylist for a lob with layers so you can curl and wave to your satisfaction.

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6.     Arianna Grande’s famous pony

If you’re not ready to commit to a new cut or color, how about adopting a new signature style? Ari is super famous for her sleek high ponytails. Grab some gel, elastics, a smoothing brush and you’re good to go. Shorter hair? Fake it with a clip-on ponytail extension – we won’t tell anyone!

7.     Cyndi Lauper’s asymmetric style

Throwing it back to the 80s, songstress Cyndi Lauper was rocking the asymmetric cut long before it became popular. You can totally tailor the look, with the longer side being cropped or uber long. Discuss this edgy look with your stylist to add a modern edge on this 80s icon.

8.     Jessica Rabbit’s red tresses

Okay, so we know Jessica Rabbit is an animated character, but we can all agree she is iconic. Her sleek red locks are enough to make anyone consider a color change. Maintain your new red style between salon touch ups with our Super Gloss and boost your color.

9.     Rihanna’s beautiful braids

From intricate cornrows to chunky box braids, Rihanna has served some incredible braided styles over the years. The perfect way to switch up your look and protect your natural hair, braids can be any length or color you desire. This can allow you to experiment with different looks for the new year easily.

10.  Billie Eilish’s wolf cut

The lovechild of a 70s shag and a mullet, the wolf cut is a phenomenon that has taken social media by storm. Consisting of choppy layers, face framing, and texture for days, the wolf cut has been sported by a number of celebs. Billie Eilish revealed her new blonde wolf cut in March of 2021 and Instagram went wild. The wolf cut is a great way to retain length whilst still allowing you to completely change your style!