10 Hair Color Tips to Make You Look Younger

When we think of the best anti-aging techniques, we’ll probably think of expensive skincare products or makeup hacks. But hair color can be a simple way of making us look and feel younger, without needing to spend money on creams and serums.

Below are our 10 top tips to look younger with your hair color.

Cover Greys

Siler and steel-gray can be a stunning look. But if your goal is to look younger, you’ll want to cover up those gray hairs. If you just have a dusting of grays, you can stick with your natural shade of hair dye just to freshen up the color. To keep your youthful glow, refresh your color every four to six weeks to keep those grays covered.

Choose Your Shade Based on Your Skin Tone

The best hair color to look younger will be one that matches your skin tone. There’s no one hair color that will make everyone look younger. You could start with looking at photos of yourself when you were younger and replicating that color. But you should be aware that just like our hair, our skin will also lose pigmentation as we age. So, try to reflect and complement your skin tone as it is now, whilst still keeping to a natural shade that suits you.

Don’t Go Too Light or Too Dark

Choosing too harsh a color for hair can really age us, by clashing with our skin tone and looking unnatural. You should ideally try to go for a color that is a few shades darker or lighter than your natural shade. If you want the edgy look of black hair, think soft black, just on the edge between black and brunette. If you want to go blonde, balance out the tone with warmer butter shades.

Use Highlights for Brightness

Whatever shade you choose, you should be aiming for multi-dimensional color. Single-toned hair can begin to look lackluster as we get older – but by adding face-framing highlights, you can really bring some warmth and radiance back to your look. Brunettes can find that caramel highlights will soften facial features and blondes can try honey balayage to add warmth and create a youthful glow.

Choose Rich Coppers and Auburns for Natural Brunettes

If you’re a brunette who doesn’t want to go blonde, an alternative is to go for warm spice tones, like rich coppers and auburns. These tones will act in the same way as blonde highlights, by reflecting the light to soften facial features and bring a radiant glow. Choose whether you want a subtle cinnamon tint or a more vibrant red kick.

Get Fruity with Naturally Lighter Hair

If your hair is naturally lighter, fruity tones can be perfect to bring a youthful glow to your look. Think the strawberry blonde of Jessica Chastain, golden melon, or apricot hues. These subtle berry tones are a great alternative to blonde, whilst still maintaining the warmth we need to stay looking younger.

Go Tonal with Bronde, Golden Chocolate, and Tortoiseshell

If you can’t decide whether blondes or brunettes have more fun, just have both! With a dark base and blonde highlights, bronde hair can help to embrace your hair as it turns lighter whilst still retaining your natural dark shade. Tortoiseshell is another way of subtly adopting lighter tones into your hair, with golden and caramel balayage artfully ribboned throughout your hair, bringing warmth and youthful radiance.

Experiment with Playful Pastels

Don’t let going gray be boring. Take this opportunity to get playful with your color. Think pastel pink, shades of lavender, or peachy hues to add warmth. These shades are perfect if your hair is naturally lighter. Like every other color, you’ll still want to aim for multi-dimensional color for softness and radiance. Choose all-over color to make a statement or choose a subtle dip-dye or peek-a-boo color.

Speak to A Professional

Whilst it can be tempting to get some box dye and tackle the job yourself, for the best results you should always consult a professional colorist. They’ll be able to help you pick the right shade to complement your skin tone and they’ll be able to apply it in the right way to achieve multi-dimensional color and natural-looking highlights.

Nourish Your Hair with a Conditioning Treatment

Healthy hair always looks youthful. So, make sure to look after your hair and keep it nourished, with a regular deep conditioning treatment. This is especially important when you start using color, to prevent the dye from damaging your hair. Glaze Super Gloss has ten shades to work with your chosen hair color, from blonde to brunette, redheads and raven black hair. Our Super Gloss acts as a color depositing hair mask, boosting the vibrancy of your color between dyes and also conditioning for a mirror shine and extraordinary softness.  After the treatment, you’ll be left with luscious, youthful looking hair – we think it might even be the best hair of your life.